Hall of Shame

Ripped off by a religious fraud


This ex-cab driver from India, now going around the world as "Yogi Bhajan", self-appointed spiritual guru and Sikh mystic, has ripped off our family and many others, for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Our Story

This Criminal con man and fraud got my sister, shown in the photo below, then known as Harpercash Kaur Khalsa to "loan" $500,000.00 to one of his agents with a loan guarantee from the top men in the Los Angeles 3HO hierarchy (now owners of Kettle Chips in Oregon). 


They then transferred the money in order to buy this house:


They then had the original agent, "Guru Sant", to declare bankruptcy while he transfered the house to his mothers' name who then gave it to the guru of fraud. The house that was given as collateral turned out to be a worthless shack. The loan was supposedly to buy artwork but this artwork was only a ruse to get the money. The whole thing was a set up and he has done the same thing to many others.

 Investigations done by me have revealed that he has done the same thing to other "followers" of this false "Brotherhood". My name is Victor C Forsythe and the money that my sister "loaned" was half mine. She did this without my authorization with the proceeds of our very expensive Orange County home. 

I have lots of other documents to back up what I say. At the time, I was very busy as president of the Vegetarian Society Inc. This man is not only a criminal but the worst sort of hypocrite, telling people he supports vegetarianism and religious unity while ripping off the president of the Vegetarian Society Inc of the USA! 

If you have any further information about the crimes this asshole has committed please contact me ASAP!




Blessings for Peace