Blessings in support of Peace


The US Senate, a group of greedy politicians all too willing to sell the public interests

to even greedier corporations. I envision the day when it is replaced by a council of

Elders whose duty is to serve the best interests of all citizens.


Change the House of Representatives into the Halls of Initiation.


What needs to be done is choose to all align ourselves with the basic truth of all religion:
That life is about learning, growing, evolving; to hopefully realize that we/us human beings need to become stewards of the planet, servants of the Creator and venerate Life.
Refuse to give taxes to war mongers.
Criminals should not have guns, madmen should not have nuclear weapons.
Realize that Greed is killing us all.
We must begin to foresee that some human activities are causing catastrophic weather effects that may melt the poles and cause huge areas of land to go underwater.
Meanwhile, because of rainforest destruction and desertification, changing weather patterns leading to drought could mean the death of millions.
The Palestinians are rapidly running out of water, this is genocide.
Could the rest of us will someday know the same fate?
To let millions die of the effects of lack of water is terrible: to deny water is to deny life.
Expecting any major earthquakes soon?
We humans should realize that we have enough problems without turning on one another.
The stupidity of pointing nuclear weapons at each other when there are nuclear suitcases floating around makes nuclear threats against faceless enemies around the world to seem, to the logical mind: a thing of madness.
But the masses, the majority of us who want to survive, and leave a livable planet for our children, will take action:

1. Create disarmament treaties that are sincere. Disarm the dogs of war throughout the planet. Soldiers can become peace warriors, for there is an Eden to build and a huge amount of healing. We need armies of healers.
2. The power of robots and machines to free humanity for higher purposes; that dream should not be stolen! It was perverted by Corporations. Limit corporate power now! Tax them and force them to serve the countries they belong to and the planet as a whole.
A Corporate planet is a slave planet of doom. Publicly funded elections is true campaign reform.
3. Use the military budget in the struggle to free humanity from dependence on fossil fuels and be liberated by the enlightened use of Oceans  of free energy all around us.
4. Send/forward this message to all you know.
5. Sign the petition to make Jerusalem an International Sacred Site and cultural center in a country that does not discriminate and practices true democracy. In such a country, people can live in peace no matter what the country chooses as a name.



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