Harry Blackstone

This is our cat, Harry. He isn't a purebred, but we love him a lot. He's strictly an indoor cat.

Biographical information:

We got Harry about 14 years ago, to keep another cat (George ye Curious, who died in 1999) company when we went to SCA events. (George had made it clear that he did NOT like camping trips!)

After living most of his life with George, and being "number two cat" to George all that time, Harry isn't too sure what to do now that he is "top cat". He's getting along well with our newest cat, Bean. But he's been making sure that Bean knows Harry is "Top Cat"!

Harry came from a litter that Jay's sister's cat had. His name comes from the resemblance to the Magician, Harry Blackstone Junior. With his white paws and vest, he looks like he is in formal attire. His black chin, unusual on a black and white cat, looked like a goatee beard. Since Jay is also a stage magician, the name seemed appropriate.

Harry is a neutered tom. He gets along well with our daughter, Victoria. When Victoria was a small baby, Harry even took naps with her. He even gets along rather well with our dog, Crusader, sharing their water dish and sleeping in the same room together. Harry is not to the point of curling up with the dog for a nap, but he will walk right over Crusader's front paws, or right next to him to pass the dog.

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