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A little about me...

Hi, my long name is
Brian Barnabas Bednarek...the short version is "brine".
I was born in Bayonne, NJ...lived all over the place and currently am in Woodbridge, NJ.
I have been a painter and photographer for as long as I can remember... here's a few of my photos.

I Hope You Like Them...

I use a lot of Russian equipment. I love my Zenith 80 (a Hasselblad copy) as well as my Kiev 60. I also use a Kiev 88, Nikon CoolPix 885, various Polaroids and a Crown Graphic. I have also been doing pinhole photos with cameras I have built. I enjoy the larger negative that a 4x5 or 8x10 camera can give. I also enjoy alternative process photography, such as Hand Coloring, Van Dyke prints and Polaroid manipulations.

You may enjoy my figure drawings... everything there was done in 20 minutes or less... I feel that if you can't capture the pose right away, you ain't ever gonna get it!!! The link for it is below.

Figure Drawings