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The Grass is Greener Where It's Watered!
an inspiring book on marriage
by Father Charles Ara


Father Ara's common sense book is a result of his 36 years of marriage counseling and the preparation of over 5,000 couples for their married lives together. 

"You'll discover at leat 40 good reasons for having read Father Ara's book.   I discovered the Number One reason was:  It made me a better husband."   Casey Kasem

Learn over 100 ways to improve your marriage relationship.

In "The Grass is Greener..."   you will learn:

- 6 steps in creative problem solving designed especially for couples
- The 9 steps of a successful relationship
- 10 steps to change fault finding in loving finding
- 12 ways to raise your ATM (Attention To Mate) Quotient

- 13 steps to conflict resolution
- 14 ways to view your mate's faults in a positive light
- 16 guidelines for positive communication with your lover
- 16 reasons given by couples on why their marriages have lasted
- 27 appealing behaviors that enhance relationships

Father Ara's highly acclaimed book on successful relationships "The Grass Is Greener Where It's Watered."  is available at bookstores everywhere.  Father Ara is always positive!

You can order Father Ara's book directly from him at a discounted price of $10, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. California residents, please add $0.85 state sales tax. 
Please send check or money order to: Shirley Ara, 73-340 Palm Greens Pkwy, Palm Desert, CA  92260.