"Art Ogg has finally returned his library book,
40 years overdue.  He checked out the adventure
novel Snow Dog in 1959 as a 15-year-old and
described it as "a really neat story written through
the eyes of a trapper in the Yukon."  Ogg, now 56,
lost track of the book after he joined the Navy at
17.  He stumbled across it again about three years
ago while helping his mother tidy up her attic in
Dwight, Ill., 70 miles southwest of Chicago.  He
also sent a check for $292.20 to cover late charges
for each of the 14,610 days that the book was
overdue, calculated at 2 cents a day."
                         -River City Wire- Jan 21, 2000

"Let's Go Fishin'
   Jim Kjelgaard (Fishin' Fool, page
62), long a favorite with our readers
for his outstanding animal stories, turns
his versatile talents in a new direction
in our pages this month.  We sure
hope you get as much of a bang out
of Cousin Lightner as we did!
   Kjelgaard, although born in New
York City, was taken by his parents,
at the age of three, to a farm in the
mountains of Pennsylvania.  "In the
following twenty years,"  he informs
us,  "I learned to hunt, fish, trap, chew
tobacco, cuss a little and, by some
strange grace, managed to get a high
school diploma.
   "My earliest recollection was being
kicked by a horse but history doesn't
record whether or not I kicked back.
Probably I didn't because I still have
an aversion to getting within range of
a horse's hoofs.  Subsequent personal
research on horses proves that they
can:  No. 1-Strike with their hoofs;
No. 2-Bite with their mouths; No. 3-
Transmit a stiff caboose to anyone
who perches on their back for an ex-
tended length of time.  However I still
like 'em but I really go strong for good
hound dogs.
   "I've held down more jobs than I
can remember, from ditch digging to
teamster to factory worker,with nearly
every other kind of work in between.
But now I'm a full-time writer and
wouldn't trade the job to be President
of the United States.  I'm married and
we have a lovely daughter Karen and
we make our home in Wisconsin
which, to my mind, is a State!
   "When I die I don't want to go to
heaven but will be satisfied with some
place where I can hear a trout jump
and a deer snort.  My ambitions are
to write more stories, to shoot a kodiak
bear and to catch a ten-pound brook
   With a partner likeCousin Lightner,
                       -Tally Branding, Western Story Magazine, June 1948


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