Year Published- Short Story Listing
(Jim Kjelgaard)
This is a list of original short stories by date of the
published date known.  Later printings are not included
either under the same name, or the same story with a new
name (however the new name is referenced at the end of this page).
See the original
short story listing for a more complete picture.

(Not complete - Work in progress)
 by Gary L. Charter,  February 04, 2014
(Last updated January 27, 2016)

        January - Hair Over the Sights, Fur-Fish-Game



        April - On Custer's Trail, Fur-Fish-Game
        August - Old Clumsy Paws, Fur-Fish-Game

        November 5 - River Man, Argosy-All American Fiction

January, When Bears Go Hungry, Fur-Fish-Game Magazine by Wayne Burrous as told to Jim Kjelgaard
        January 7 - Ducks on Windy Slough, Argosy Weekly
        March - the Pennsylvania Massacre, Fur-Fish-Game
        March 18 - the Bee Hunter, Argosy-All American Fiction
        April 8 - Bear Dog, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        June 3 - “I,” Said the Sparrow, Argosy-All American Fiction
        July 8 - the Black Horse, Collier's
         August - the Last Elk, Country Gentleman Magazine
         August 19 - Crying Hound, Argosy Weekly
        November 4 - Warden Bait, Argosy Weekly
        November 18 -North Of The Jinx, Argosy Weekly
        December 2 - Bird In the Sky, Argosy Weekly

               February 10, Mudhole Pilot, Argosy Weekly        
        February 24, the Grass Grows Again,Argosy Weekly
        March 9, the Battle of Dabbit Run, Argosy Weekly
        April 13, the Gray Buck, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        April 13, Thundercloud Marsh, Argosy Weekly
        May 4, Fish For A Dollar, Argosy Weekly
May 18, Kinitak Killer, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        May 18, Where the Wild Goats Drink, Argosy Weekly
        May 25, the Lieutenant’s Horse, Argosy Weekly
June, Running or ?, Outdoorsman
        June 8, the Red Bull Bellows, Argosy Weekly
        June 8,  Wilderness Saga, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        June 29, From Misty Swamp, Argosy Weekly
        June 29, Monarch of the Crags, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        July, So Skulks the Weasel, Black Mask
        July 13, Fox in the Bag, Argosy Weekly
        July 27, Saddlefull of Dynamite, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        July, 27, Two For One, Argosy Weekly
        August 3, First Catch Your Beaver, Argosy Weekly
        August 10, When the Pack Gathered, Argosy Weekly
        August 31, Water Flows Downhill, Argosy Weekly
        September 21, the Captains Pass,Argosy Weekly
        October,  Hangmans Mark, Black Mask
        October 19, Ride a Pack Horse, Argosy Weekly
        October 26, Bullet Blackmail, Western Story Magazine
        November, Wilderness Battle Saga, 10 Story Western
        November 16, the Last Herd, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        December, Backfire, Black Mask
        December, Barnyard Billy’s Conscript Army, New Western Magazine
        December, For Love of a Wildling, Rangeland Romance
        December, Lynx Kittens Must Eat, Ace High Western Stories
        December, Stalking the Seal, Esquire
        December 21, I Shot An Arrow, Argosy Weekly
        December 28, Collect One Pelt, Western Story Magazine 

            January 11, the Light In The Window, Argosy Weekly
        January 25, Good Leather, Argosy Weekly
        January 25, Hermit of the Yagitak,WesternStoryMagazine (S&S)
        February, Clubfoot - the Killer, Ace-High Western Story
        February, Under the Killers’ Moon, Big-Book Western
        February 15, Ghost Dog, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        February 22, Mountain Men, Argosy Weekly
        March, Bear Tracks to Hell, New Western Magazine
        March 1, Gold Is Where You Find It, Western Story Magazine  
        March 22, Horses for the Calvary, Argosy Weekly
        April 19, Cross Your Bridges, Argosy Weekly
        April 26, Caribou Trek, Western Story Magazine
        May 3, War Country, Argosy Weekly
        May 17, the Rugged Benches, Detective Fiction Weekly
        May 24, In Like A Lion, Argosy Weekly
        May 24, Sled Dog’s Savvy, Western Story Magazine
        May 31, Old Dog’s Tricks, Argosy Weekly
        June , I Never Remember a Face, The Phantom Detective
June , What They Takin'?, Outdoorsman
        June 7, Empire Before Him, Argosy Weekly
        June 28, All Wool--and a River Wide, Argosy Weekly
        July, Curse of the Beaver, Black Mask volume 24 #3
        July 5, Terror of the Floes,Western Story Magazine
        August, Hounded, Black Mask
        August, Trex from Texas, Western Adventures
        August 2, Starvation Island, Argosy Weekly
        August 16, the Fire God’s Kindling, Argosy Weekly
       Fall, Squaw Killer, Frontier Stories
         September, Bullet Boomerang, Western Story Magazine
        September, King of Cardonga, All Western Magazine
        September, Only the Brave Can Be Free, Ace-High Western Stories
        October, Siwash Savvy, Western Adventure
        October 18, Trouble in the Spruces, Western Story Magazine(S&S)   
        November, War-Cub with the Colt - Wary Smile, Western Novel & Short Stories
        November 29, Forest of Fear, Western Story Magazine
        December, the Bow, a Hunting Weapon, Esquire, by Jim Kjelgaard and Syl LeFebre
        December, Death on the Hoof, Big-Book Detective Magazine   
        December 20, Orphan of the Heights, Western Story Magazine (S&S)

        January, Detour to Death, Detective Short Stories
        January 10, Mountain Monarch - Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        January 10, Roll’em Over Gently, Detective Fiction Weekly
        February, Killer's Trail, Western Adventures   
        February 7, Salvation Bullet, Argosy Weekly
        February 21, Danger in the Wind, Argosy Weekly
        February 28, Bighorn Challenge, Western  Story  Magazine              
        April, Killer for a Day, Detective Short Stories
        April, Shadows in the Pool, The Elks Magazine
        April 4, Nemesis of the Northland, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        May 9, Winged Vengeance, Western Story
        May 10, a Month of Madness, Short Stories
        June, the Duel, Adventure Magazine
        June 20, River Purge, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        July, the Man They Couldn’t Break, Black Mask
        July 18, Desert Treachery, Western Story Magazine
        August, Wild Bull of Timagour, Thrilling Adventures
        August 15, Journey Upstream, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        September, Six Grow Up, Thrilling Adventures
        September 12, Blood Debt, Western Story Magazine(S&S)
        October, Blind Murder, Phantom Detective
        October, For You, Valkyrie, Thrilling Adventures
        October, the Snow Devil, Adventure Magazine
        October 17, Wilderness Monarch, Western Story Magazine
        October 24, a Matter of Morale, Liberty Magazine
        October 24, Partners in Peril, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        November 10, the Horse Hunters, Short Stories
        November 14, Death's Fangs Open, Western Story Magazine
        December 25, Night Sounds, Short Stories
       December 25, Cry by Night, Whiz Comics #38

                January 1, the Wizard's Mark, Captain Marvel
        January 1943, Cap’s Cache, Bulletman
        January 16, Nemesis of the Wild, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        February 13, Cougar Trail, Western Story Magazine
March, Gunsmoke Cornerstone, Ace-High Western Stories
        March 10, Phantom of the Beeches, Short Stories
        April, the Possum, Western Adventures
        April 10, Old Men's War, Short Stories
        April 17, Black Terror, Western Story Magazine(S&S)
        May, Test of the Informer, Esquire
        June 26, Beaver Boomerang, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        July, Dead Man’s Dogs, New Western Magazine
        July, the Fork in the Trail, Capper's Farmer
        July, Fugitive of Furnace Flats, 10 Story Western Magazine
        August, Trial By Hot Lead, 10 Story Western
               September 18, Headwater Tryst, Western Story Magazine  (S&S)
        October, How to Get a Plot (Joke), Writer’s Digest
        October 30, the Desperate Man, Liberty Magazine
        October 30, White-Water Pitch, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
November, Sweat Makes the Writer, Writer's Digest

        Fall, the Invader, North-West Romances
        January, the Shepherd of the Slough, Adventure Magazine
        January, Unmarred, Boys' Life
        January 1, Killing's an Easy Thing, Liberty
        February, Dog Sense, Argosy Weekly by Jim Kjelgaard and Gordon MacQuarrie
        February 19, Trapper’s Savvy, Western Story Magazine  (S&S)
        March, Pat’tidge Dog, Boys' Life
        March 10, the Wild Pack, Short Stories
        April, Fire Watch (part 1), Boys' Life
        May, Fire Watch (part 2), Boys' Life
May, Surprise, Household
        May, Trader, Argosy
        May, Run, Sheep, Run, Western Story Magazine
        June, Fire Watch (part 3), Boys' Life
        July, Fire Watch (part 4), Boys' Life 
        November, Night Hunter, Western Story Magazine  (S&S)
        November 25, a Lesson for the Warden, Liberty Magazine
        December, the Whistling Witness, 10-Story Detective
        December 10, the Little Blue Lake, Short Stories       
        December 25, Ambush at Two-Dog Rock, Short Stories 

        Spring, Magpie Circle, North-West Romances
        February, Fantastic Dr. Nature, Coronet
        February 25, the Fisherman of Clam Creek, Short Stories
        March 5, How Animals Harness Their Fear, Coronet
        March, Pigeoner, Adventure Magazine
        March 10, the Wild Dog, Short Stories
        April, Winged Killer of the Forest, Coronet
        April 25, Reputation, Short Stories
        May, Can Animals Outwit Men, Coronet
        May, Don’t Be Afraid  of the Short Short, Writer
        May, William and the Contract Buck, Texas Rangers
        May 10, Something to Talk With, Short Stories
        June, the Jinx of Wrong-Way Charlie, Western Story Magazine   
        June, Nature’s Navigators, Coronet
        June 16, East of the Border, Liberty Magazine (Canada)
        July, a Naturalist’s Nightmare, Coronet
        July, Nature’s Federation of Labor, Coronet
        July 25, the Wild Swamp, Short Stories
August, Fur-Fin and Feather Pirates, Argosy
        August, Second Shot, The Shadow
        September, the Ambush of Hoe-Handle Charlie, Adventure Magazine
        September, Animals Pull Their Rank, Coronet
        September, Men Walk Alone, Esquire Magazine
September, the Thing From The Barrens, Weird Tales
        October, the Smartest Dog, Boys’ Life
        October, Turkey in the Tangle, Adventure Magazine
        October 25, the Keeper of the Refuge, Short Stories
        November, the Fangs of Tsan-lo, Weird Tales
        November, Make ‘Em Plausible, Writer magazine
November, Read the Sign, The Open Road For Boys
        November 3, It Takes a Skunk To Catch a Skunk, Liberty
        November 10, Cheena, Short Stories
        December, Charley Hoe Handle and the Reluctant Muskie, Adventure Magazine
        December, Hitchhike For Punch, Coronet
        December 22, Midnight, Liberty Magazine
        December 25, Billy Dancer’s Bull, Short Stories

        January, How Some People Earn a Living, Facts Magazine
        January, Man Enough, Western Story Magazine  (S&S)
        February, How Animals Fight For Survival, Coronet
        February 10, Dusky, Short Stories
        February, the Night the Leaves Rustled, Boys' Life
        March, the Buck-Baiting of Charley Hoe Handle, Adventure Magazine
        March, Chanu, Weird Tales
        March, One American Family, Coronet
        March 10, Night Ride, Short Stories
        April, Adults Who Never Learn Enough, Rotarian
        April, Breed of the Blue Hen, Adventure Magazine
        April and May, Peril Outpost!, Calling All Boys
     May, Meteorologists - Furred and Feathered, Boy's Life
        May, Was Grandpa a Sheep, Blue Book
        June, the Rattler, King of Killers, Argosy Weekly
        June, Right as Rain, Sports Afield
        June, Uncle Lawrence's Trout, Country Gentleman
        July, the Man Who Told the Truth, Weird Tales
        July, Staff of Life, Adventure Magazine
        August 25, the Courting of Hoyt Magloon, Short Stories
        September, Charley Hoe Handle and the Loony Trout, Adventure Magazine
October 5, Early Snow, Liberty Magazine
October 25, Arbey Holden as Guide, Short Stories
        November, Cock O’ the River, Adventure Magazine 
        November, Hunter's Moon, Argosy Weekly
        November, You Can Not Drive Deer, Sports Afield
        December, Charley Hoe Handle and the Great Big Bass, Adventure Magazine
        December, Push Your Wounded Deer, Sports Afield
        December 25, the Fifth Friend, Short Stories

        February, Charley Hoe Handle and the Fifty-Buck Beaver, Adventure Magazine
        March, Blood on the Ice, Boys’ Life
        March 10, Arbey Holden Rides Again, Short Stories
        April, a Hound for Sleeping, Adventure Magazine
        May, Charley Hoe Handle and the Spirit WolfAdventure Magazine
        May, Lost Trail Drive, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        May 25, Cobwebs in the Corner, Short Stories
        July, the Duck Blind Deal, Sports Afield
        July, the Pool at Gilbang, Boys’ Life
        August, Charley Hoe Handle Vs. Man’s Best Friend, Adventure Magazine
        August, Old Yellowfoot, Sports Afield
August, a Worker Speaks Up!, Rotarian
        September 20, the Shot that Proved Fatal, Toronto Star Newspaper
        October, George and the Retriever, Adventure Magazine
        October, Please Retrieve, Boys’ Life
November, Farmers are People Too, Sports Afield
        November, Last Battle, Argosy Weekly
        November 15, Strike It Rich, Collier's

        January, the Buck at Cross Lake , Adventure Magazine
        January, the Big Trout and Yooley Drabner, Sports Afield
        January, Dollar-A-Mile Horse, New Western Magazine
        February, All My Friends, National Home Monthly
        February, Do Deer Scare Easily?, Sports Afield
February 8, Planned Betrayal, Boston Post Magazine
        May, Charley Hoe Handle ‘s Chicken Party, Adventure Magazine
        June, Fishin’ Fool, Western Story Magazine  (S&S)
        June, the Pool of No Mercy, Argosy Weekly
        June, Routine Day, American Magazine
        August, Charley Hoe Handle and the Witches' Fire, Adventure Magazine
        August, the Wild One’s Red Revenge,Western Short Stories
        October, Mechanization of Charley Hoe Handle, AdventureMagazine
        October 25, the Last Trek, Short Stories
        November, Of the River and Uncle Pidcock, Adventure Magazine
        November, Old Man of Creek Bend, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        November, Wilderness Fury, American Legion  Magazine
        December, Charley Hoe Handle and the Weasel’s Chance, Adventure Magazine

        White-Flag Friend - in Outdoors Guide of Deep-River Jim , Ziff-Davis edition, Didier Publishers
        Spring, the Moose of Westsmith Creek, North-West Romances
        January, a Case in Point, Argosy Weekly
        January, Doctor of Birds, Pageant (digest)
        January, the Moon of Slatted Ribs, Adventure Magazine
        January, a Narrow Escape, Western Story Magazine  (S&S)
February, All My Friends, National Home Monthly 
        February, Hoof-and-Fang Fury, 10 Story Western
        March, a Brand for Pete - 10 Story Western
        March, a Quart of Water, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        April, the Shooting of Frenchy Dumont, Adventure Magazine
        May, the Fawn in the Forest, Blue Book
        May, Meeting On The Ice, Adventure Magazine
        June, the Return, Western Story Magazine (S&S)
        July, Death In Every Shadow, American Legion
        August, Black Ice, Adventure Magazine
        August-September, Blind Trap, Western Story Magazine
October, Wild Path, Boys' Life
        November, Thanksgiving at Charley Hoe Handle’s, Adventure Magazine
November 3, Outdoor Books for Fireside Reading, Milwaukee Journal (Newspaper)
        December, a Little Knowledge, Big-Book Western

        January, Charley Hoe Handle Gets Caught, Adventure Magazine     
        January, Dangerous Journey,Boys’ Life
        February, Repayment In Full,Coronet
        March, There Is No Story Formula, Writer
        March, Whiteness of the Night, Boys' Life
        May, Some Must Die, Adventure Magazine
        June, Charley Hoe Handle Goes Native,Adventure Magazine           
        June, Larrigan Joe’s  Poaching Ring, Short Stories
        August, Carnival At Toomey Creek,AdventureMagazine                    
        August, Four-Footed G Men, Boys’ Life
        August, Poaching Is Big Business, Rotarian
        October, Charley Hoe Handle’s Bear Hunt, Adventure Magazine

       Wilderness Road - in Indians, Indians, Indians, P R Fenner, ed.
        February, Of the People, Blue Book Magazine
February, the Beavers They Can't Evict, Saturday Evening Post
        March, Jasper and the Criminal, Adventure Magazine
        April, the Tiger’s Heart, Esquire Magazine
        May, Freebooter, Boys’ Life
        May, Pedro The Gambler, The American Legion Magazine
June, What They Talkin'?, Outdoorsman        
        September, Incident at Bad Water, .44 Western Magazine
        October, Chatterbox, Boys' Life
        November, the Rams With Great Horns, Blue Book
        November, You Deer Boys Work Too Hard, Sports Afield

April, the Bear That Learned Fear, American Legion Magazine
        April, Letters From Elizabeth, Coronet
April, Nature's Death March, Sports Afield

        June, Battle For Three, Texas Rangers
June, No Retreat, American Legion
        July, the Black Buck of Gaswell Hollow, Texas Rangers
        August 15, Outcasts of the Desert, Saturday Evening Post

        February, the Water Hole, Blue Book
        March, the Terrible Thirst, Texas Rangers
July, Attack by Night, Sportsman, by Henry Hoffman as told to Jim Kjelgaard

        January, How Wary is Your Game, American Rod and Gun
        March, Hunt For Big Trout, Sports Afield
        September, How to Gun a Buck, American Rod and Gun


September 25, Roses and Thorns, Writer's Digest
        November, You Can't Catch a Deer, Sports Afield
December, Wanted, the Roundup, Western Writers of America

February, an Urgent Plea for Authenticity, the Roundup, Western Writers of America
April, It's a Question of Craftsmanship, the Roundup, Western Writers of America
October, Juvenile Defined, the Roundup, Western Writers of America

        Gone to the Dogs - a Double Deal in Anthologies, article about anthologies
        July, Beloved Bums of the Black Hills, Ford Times

        January, Tigre - part 1, Boys' Life, (Later published as a book Tigre by Jim Kjelgaard, 1961)
        February, Tigre - part 2, Boys' Life, (Later published as a book Tigre by Jim Kjelgaard, 1961)
        March, Tigre - part 3, Boys' Life, (Later published as a book Tigre by Jim Kjelgaard, 1961)
        May 1959, It’s the Craziest Fishing, Arizona Highways
        August, This Is How It Was, Western Story Roundup

        October, Ulysses Grant Jones - Serialized posthumously novel, Boys’ Life 
        November, Ulysses Grant Jones - Serialized posthumously novel, Boys’ Life
        December, Ulysses Grant Jones - Serialized posthumously novel, Boys’ Life
        (Longer version book published as  Ulysses and his Woodland Zoo by Jim Kjelgaard) 

        My Father’s Collie, Trails of Adventure
        Trail’s End, Collins Boy’s Annual

(the Not-So-Tranquil Pool - in Fawn in the Forest, 1962)
(the Rule of the Storm - in Fawn in the Forest, 1962)
(the Sheltering Thicket - in Fawn in the Forest, 1962)
(the Tree of Life - in Fawn in the Forest, 1962)


  the Battle of Kings Mountain - Composite from Rebel Siege
Betrayal - same as Planned Betrayal
        Big Red
- Part of Big Red
        Big Red Tracks Old Majesty - Chapter 12 of Big Red
        Brother Goat - probably the same as the Tiger's Heart
        Bushwhack King on His Backtrail – same as Ride a Packhorse
        Canoes Southward - Section from the Explorations of Pere Marquette      
        Cap Gitchie’s Rooster same as Cock O’ the River
        Chip the Beaver
- from Chip the Dam Builder
        Code of the Underworld  same as Curse of the Beaver
       (Croatan -  in Buckskin Brigade
        Curse of the Beaver – same as Code of the Underworld
        Dead Wrong –  same as Ride a Pack Horse
   (a Dog Remembers - in Two Dogs and a Horse
     a Dog's Dog - Part of a chapter from Big Red
        End of the Trail - in Buckskin Brigade
    A Fair Bet  same as Pedro The Gambler
Fawn in the Forest
in Fawn in the Forest - same the Fawn in the Forest
        Fire! - Chapter in Forest Patrol
       (Freight for Santa Fe - in Buckskin Brigade
  the Gun Smoke Herd - Western Short Stories?
        Gunstop Canyon - same as the Lieutenant’s Horse
        Hunting the Haunt Fox  in Along Story Trails, part of Haunt Fox
        Irish Red - excerpt from Irish Red
 the Jaguar’s Heart - same as the Tiger’s Heart
the Jaguar’s Heart - same as Lord of the Jungle
        Johnny and the Mountain Lion
- abridged from the 1st chapter, Snowstorm in Lion Hound
(the Lake and the Lonely Exiles -  in Two Dogs and a Horse
     a Lens for Trouble - abridged and serialization from Wildlife Cameraman
  the Lion - from the 2nd chapter in Lion Hound
Lord of the Jungle - same as the Jaguar's Heart
         Lord of the Jungle - same as the Tiger’s Heart
(the Medicine Bag - in Buckskin Brigade
        No Retreat for a Cat in Fawn in the Forest- Same as No Retreat
(the Opening Gate - in Buckskin Brigade)
        Rebel Horse -  same as the Black Horse
        Rebel's Heart
- chapter from Irish Red
        Red's Education - chapter 5 in Big Red
  the Return of the Coyote in Fawn in the Forest - same as Dangerous Journey
  the Rustle of Leaves - last half of Chapter 6 in Big Red
        Saber-Tooth - chapter from Fire Hunter

       (Savage Trek - in Buckskin Brigade)
(the Tree - in Buckskin Brigade)
        Trim the Doe - chapter 7 from Chip the Dam Builder
Up Where Death Begins - same as Last Battle
       White Shadow on the Ice in Fawn in the Forest same as Blood on the Ice
       Wilderness Partners
- from 4th chapter in Snow Dog
      (Wilderness Road - in Buckskin Brigade)
        Wild Swamp in Fawn in the Forest - same as Wild Swamp




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