Jacket by Ralph Ray

   When disater struck the beaver
colony, Chip, the wise old leader,
started out in search of a new house.
It was a perilous journey, filled
with danger from man and beast.
But old Chip won through, to build
another home for his faithful mate
and their new family of kits.
   The beaver pond became a center
of wilderness activity.  It was a 
refuge for Trim, the deer, and her
little fawn, for King, the trout, and
his offspring, for geese and muskrats
and frogs. It was also a hunting
ground for Wraith, the horned
owl, for Ripple, the otter, and
above all, for Glare, the lynx, who
tried once to often to catch the
old dam builder.
   For all his wisdom, Chip did not
know how his activities were affecting
the humans in the valley below his pond. How beaver and humans 
finally met makes a stirring climax
to this authentic and moving story
of wilderness life.


dust jacket of Chip The Dam Builder  - 1950, permission to display granted by
Holiday House, Inc.

Last updated February 11, 2000