Jacket by Tony Palazzo

John Belden wanted to be a forest
ranger. Unexpectedly, his chance
came as a one-year substitution in
the Rasca district of the Alleghany
back country.
   This is the story of that year
plowing roads, fighting fires, mark-
ing the timber, planting trees, hunting
killer bears and wolves, saving dy-
ing fish and game, tracking down
poachers, and attending to the thous-
and and one duties that make up a
ranger's life.
   And it is the story of a 19 year-old
boy finding himself and learning
that success is not heroics, but con-
stantly doing you best.
   The author is an ardent hunter,
fisherman, and conservationist, and
       the brother of a state forest ranger.
"Jim Kjelgaard writes of animals and the outdoors with deep feelings and understanding."    --Nature Magazine

"An excellent story, fresh and unhackneyed in setting and incident, with characters that
convince, and so much genuine atmosphere that it is likely to give any lover of wild,
unspoiled country a touch of homesickness."    --New York Times

"An exceptionally good story of a boy's year as substitute forest ranger in the
Alleghany mountain back country.  Although emphasis is on forest lore, conservation,
and reforestation, John Belden's adventures fighting fires, tracking down poachers,
and hunting killer animals, added to his other ranger duties, afford both excitement
and mystery."   --A. L. A. Booklist

"Boys for whom foresty holds attraction may learn about clearing roads, planting
trees, fighting fires, preserving game and fish.  And anyone, looking for a good
outdoor story which has point and reality, will find exciting reading."   --Horn Book


from dust jacket of Forest Patrol - 1941, permission to
display granted by Holiday House, Inc.

Last updated January 15, 1999