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1953 Letter to Chuck Bentzen (new 10-24-15)

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A Dialogue with My Favorite Author - March 1959 by Terry Hertzler

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This site is dedicated to the work of Jim Kjelgaard. About the time of his death, I was just entering Junior High. In our library I discovered several wonderful books by this, unknown to me, author. It was probably Wildlife Cameraman, A Nose for Trouble, and Trailing Trouble. When I graduated from college in 1970 I began looking for these and other of his books at used book stores, and book sales. Over the past twenty-five years I found only a couple of his books in poor shape and some paperback reprints of dog stories. Luckily that has changed with availability of used books on the Internet. In less than two years I have found and collected all his books. Thanks Jim for the wonderful stories!

Gary L. Charter

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