Jacket by Raymond Thorley 

Old Jake Kane's hounds weren't much for
looks, but they could trail a mountain lion
over bare rock, and were famous all
through Arizona's wild, broken rimrock
country.  In particular, there was one red
pup that young Johnny Torrington wished
he owned.  But the pup was a one-man
dog, and old Jake was the man.
Then a rogue mountain lion, a real killer,
moved into the rimrock country, and both
Johnny and the pup realized that they had
a lot to learn about hunting, and about 
each other.
This Jim Kjelgaard's first book about 
the Southwest, his present home.  By inter-
weaving the viewpoints of the dog, the
boy, the lion, and old Jake, he has writ-
ten one of his finest stories of wilderness

  "No one can write a better animal tale
  than Jim Kjelgaard."
                        --- May Hill Arbuthnot


dust jacket of Lion Hound - 1955, permission to display granted by
Holiday House, Inc.

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