Honor For

  Normally the annual 
  Boys' Life - Dodd,  Mead, 
  Writing award, conspicuous 
  one in the junior book indus- 
  try, goes to a writer new in the 
  field of books for boys.  This 
  year it will go to an old hand 
  -who is no longer writing.  The 
  judges have decided that it 
  should honor the memory of 
  Jim Kjelgaard, who died last 
  summer at Phoenix, Ariz., at 
  the age of 49 and was brought 
  back to Milwaukee, his old 
  home town, for burial. 

     "It was decided," says an 
  announcement issued in be- 
  half of the judges, "that the 
  honor should go to an author 
  who has won the affection and 
  esteem of many boys over 
  many years for his fine and 
  understanding books.  It seems 
  particularly fitting that dur- 
  ing 1960, the golden jubilee of 
  the Boy Scouts of America, the 
  prize should be awarded post- 
  humously to Jim Kjelgaard, 
  great friend and interpreter of 
  boys and a great outdoorsman 
  who worked informally with 
  hundreds of Scouts." 

     Under the terms of the 
  award, an unpublished book 
  length story by Kjelgaard will 
  be serialized in Boys' Life, the 
  national Boy Scout magazine, 
  this summer and will appear 
  as a Dodd, Mead book next 

From The Milwaukee Journal, April 17, 1960
"Copyright 1998 Journal Sentinel Inc., reproduced with permission."

Background graphic from dust jacket of Forest Patrol - 1941, permission to
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