Jacket by Charles B. Wilson

   Kin's father was a gunsmith in the
Carolina Blue Ridge, and Kin 
knew more abut the long hunters
and the Cherokees than he did
about the war with England.  But
1780 was the year when Cornwallis
decided to clean out the Carolina
backwoodsmen who stood between
him and Washington's army in the
north.  The frontiersmen who had
followed Daniel Boone into Kentucky
had different ideas.  They swarmed 
back over the Blue Ridge, and caught
the British and Tories at King's
   Rebel Siege is more that a recreation of the southern turning-
point of the Revolution.  It is a picture of the hardy men in buckskin and homespun who would not be denied their dream of a new world big 
enough for all of them.  Above all, it
is a story of a boy and his father, who found that freedomis worth fighting for - together.


dust jacket of Rebel Siege - 1943, permission to display granted by
Holiday House, Inc.

Last updated February 11, 2000