Jacket by Bob Kuhn

Danny knew at a glance that 
the big Irish Sitter was the dog 
he had always dreamed of. But 
Big Red was a champion, and 
Danny only a trapper's son en- 
joying squatter's rights on 
the Wintapi estate. Fortunate- 
ly Big Red's owner could see 
quality in a boy as well as in a 
dog. That was how Danny was 
given the job of teaching the 
thoroughbred show dog the 
ways of the woods. 
   Together they roamed the 
wilderness, hunting, fishing, 
trapping, meeting Nature on 
her own terms. Together they 
conquered blizzards and var- 
mits, and eventually tracked 
down Old Majesty, the great 
outlaw bear. In the process boy 
and dog grew to real maturity, 
and found a place for them- 
   Big Red is a rugged, modern 
story of outdoor American life, 
packed with action and adven- 
ture. It is also a convincing 
demonstration that loyalty, 
courage, and resourcefulness 
inevitably bring their own re- 

dust jacket of Big Red  - 1945, permission to display granted by
Holiday House, Inc.

Last updated January 15, 1999