In the realm of win, place, 
    show movies made by Walt 
    Disney, "Big Red," at the River- 
    side, is pure show - a show 
    youngsters are sure to enjoy. 

        This appealing boy-dog story 
    was inspired by the novels of 
    the late Kim Kjelgaard, a for- 
    mer Milwaukeean. 

         Big Red, of the title, is a 
    beautiful, silky Irish setter that 
    would rather be a hunting dog 
    than a show dog, much to the 
    chagrin of its owner, sports- 
    man Walter Pidgeon.  The dog 
    is the charge of an orphaned 
    kennel boy, played by a Cana- 
    dian newcomer, Gilles Payant. 

       The lad has difficulty speak- 
    ing English when he gets ex- 
    cited, so he frequently resorts 
    to French.  This, however, does 
    not prevent youngsters from 
    readily understanding the bond 
    of affection that springs up be- 
    tween the boy and the dog. 

        Filmed in picturesque Que- 
    bec, the movie combines humor 
    and sentiment with some real 
    excitement.  Demanding adults 
    may find this one of DIsney's 
    lesser efforts, but no true dog 
    lover is apt to notice.    B.J.P. 


From The Milwaukee Journal, June 14, 1962
"Copyright 1998 Journal Sentinel Inc., reproduced with permission."



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