to the Men's Club, Oasis Golf Course,
Mesquite, Nevada
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Because some of you snowbirds will not return to Mesquite much before the tournament, we are offering to list, on our web site, the names of members who don't already have a partner, but want to play. If you need a partner, send your name, shirt size, phone number, and working email address to

Keep an eye on the web site, and if you see someone listed whom you would like as a partner, send us another email to the above address, and we will forward it to him. You may also contact him directly if you have his contact information. The OMGC web site is

If you already have a partner, please, send us his name, along with your shirt size. We will pair you up.

The entry fee for the tournament is currently expected to be $100 per man ($200 per team). For the horse race, it will be $5 per man ($10 per team).

Questions and/or comments may be sent to

Member / Member Tournament
The OMGC Member-Member tournament for the coming year has been moved from December to November in the hopes of getting better weather. The optional horse race will be held on Saturday, November 8, 2014. The two-day tournament will be on Sunday, November 9 and Monday, November 10. A stag night with board elections will be held on Monday evening, November 10.
Members looking for a M / M partner.
-- Will Venski