A Partial Orlando Gibbons Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
The Silver Swan English Madrigals The First Set of Madrigals (1598); The Second Set of Madrigals (1609); other works by Gibbons, Morley The Consort of Musickedir.Anthony Rooley Decca 458 093-2
Orlando Gibbons Anthems and Verse Anthems 1. This is the record of John;  2. If ye be risen again with Christ;  3. 0 Lord, in thy wrath rebuke me not;  4. Second Evening Service: Magnificat, Nunc dimittis;  5. Behold, thou hast made my days;   6. O God, the King of Glory;  7. Glorious and powerful God;  8. Fantasia in A minor;  9. O clap your hands;  10. Thou God of wisdom;  11. Blessed are all they that fear the Lord;  12. Great King of Gods; 13. Hosanna to the son of David;  14. Sing unto the Lord Robin Blaze (ct), Stephen Varcoe (bar), The Choir of Winchester Cathedral dir. David Hill, Stephen Farr, Sarah Baldock (org) Hyperion CDA67116
The Golden Age of English Cathedral Music   1. See, See, the Word is Incarnate; 2. This Is the Record of John; 3. Fantasie in 3 Parts, No. 4; other works by Weelkes, Byrd, Tallis, Morley, Taverner James Lancelot, Winchester Cathedral Choirdir.Martin Neary, Viols of the Consort of Musicke ASV Gaudeamus GAU 119
Orlando Gibbons   1. Almighty & everlasting God; 2. Blessed are all they; 3. Glorious & powerful God; 4. Lord, grant grace; 5. O Lord, how do my woes increase; 6. Sing unto the Lord;7. This is the record of John; 8. We praise Thee, O Father; other works by Sheppard The Clerkes of Oxenforddir.David Wulstan Calliope CAL 9621
Orlando Gibbons The Cries of London and other Musicke Apt for Viols and Voyces 1. Psalm to the First Preces : The Eyes Of All Wait Upon Thee;   2. Consort Ode: Do Not Repine, Fair Sun;   3. Madrigal: Trust Not Too Much, Fair Youth;   4. Consort anthem: Blessed Are All They That Fear The Lord;   5. Verse anthem: O God, The King Of Glory;   6. In Nomine a 5 for viols;   7. The Cries Of London;   8. The Lord Of Salisbury His Pavin;   9. Consort anthem: Sing Unto The Lord, O Ye Saints Of His;   10. Verse anthem: If Ye Be Risen Again With Christ;   11. Consort anthem: See, See, The Word Is Incarnate;   12. Consort song: What Is Our Life ? Ensemble William Byrddir.Graham O'Reilly Adda 581 169
The Cryes of London   Fantasias a 2, 3, 4; In Nomines Red Byrd, Fretwork Virgin VC790849-2
Music for Prince Charles   Fantasias a 3 & 4 Parley Of Instruments Baroque Orchestradir.Peter Holman Hyperion CDA66395
Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts Funeral Music and Laments from 16th and 17th century England 1. I am the resurrection; other works by Morley, Weelkes, Locke, Tomkins, Purcell, Croft, Greene Choir of Christ's College, Cambridge dir. David Rowland Meridian CDE 84363
Orlando Gibbons Fantaisies Royales (Fantasies of III Parts) 1. Fantasie XII; 2. Fantasie V; 3. Fantasie II; 4. Fantasie VII; 5. Fantasie III; 6. Fantasie VI; 7. Fantasie XIV; 8. Fantasie X; 9. Fantasie VIII; 10. Fantasie I; 11. Fantasie IX; 12. Fantasie XV; 13. Fantasie IV; 14. In Nomine 4 Jordi Savall (v da g); Christophe Coin (v da ga); Sergi Casademunt (v da g); Johannes Sonnleitner (pos org) Astrée ES 9950
The Spirit of Gambo English consort and solo viol music 1570-1680 1. Fantasie X a 3; 2. In Nomine a 4; other works by Tye, Dowland, Hume, Coprario, Ferrabosco II, Jenkins, Locke, Purcell, Corkine Hesperion XX, Jordi Savall Astrée ES 9913
Musicke Of Sundrie Kindes   1. Now each flow'ry bank; others on 4-LP set The Consort of Musickedir.Anthony Rooley L'Oiseau Lyre DSLO 203-6(LP)
Ye Sacred Muses Consort Songs and Instrumental Music by Wiilam Byrd and Orlando Gibbons 1. In nomine in d minor; 2. In nomine no 2 in g minor; 3. Ye sacred muses; 4. Fantasia No 1 in F major; 5. In nomine No 1 in d minor; 6. Fantasia No 6 in c major; others by Byrd The Royal Consort, David Cordier (ct) Globe GLO 5159
A Consort Of Musicke Bye William Byrde and Orlando Gibbons   1. Fantasy in C; 2. Allemande, or Italian Ground; 3. 'Lord of Salisbury' Pavan and Galliard; others by Byrde Glenn Gould Columbia Masterworks M 30825 (LP)
Masters of Early English Keyboard Music   1. Fancy in A Minor; 2. Preludium; 3. Galiardo in C Major; 4. Almain in C Major; 5. The woods so wilde; 6. Lady Hatton's Galliard; 7. French Ayre: 8. French Almain; 9. Maske: 'Welcome Home'; 10. Galliard in D Major; 11. The Italian Ground; 12. Fantasia of foure parts; others by Bull, Tomkins, Farnaby, Blitheman, Byrd, Preston, Locke, etc. Thurston Dart (h, org, clav) L'Oiseau Lyre OSL 114/8(LP)
English Music for the Virginal circa 1600 1. Pavan; others by Morley, Bull, Byrd, Randall, Farnaby, Tisdale Gustav Leonhardt (vl and hsd) Das Alte Werke SAWT 9491-A (LP)
Frühe Englishe Orgelmusik   1. Fantasia of Foure Parts; 2. Fancy in G; others by Blitheman, Bull, Allwood, Tomkins, Tallis Colin Tilney, positive organ EMI Reflexe 1C 069-46 403 (LP)
Florid-Song und Gambenmusik in England um 1610-1660 1. Fantasia for three Violas de Gamba; others by Hume, Coperario, Weelkes, Ward, Wilson, Hingston, Campion, Robert Johnson, Locke, Lupo Studio der Frühen Musik; Concentus Musicus, Wien Das Alte Werk SAWT 9472-A (LP)
Madrigale und Orgelmusik der Englischen Renaissance   1. The Silver Swan; others by Carleton, Tallis, Redford, Tomkins, Tye, Weelkes, Edwards, Byrd, Shelbye, Dowland, Blitheman, Morley The London Ambrosian Singersdir.John McCarthy Polyhymnia 1995 (LP)
Tanzmusik von der Renaisance bis zum Biedermeir Dance Music Through the Ages 1. Galliard (Gibbons); others var. in 4 CD set Ulsamer Collegiumdir.Eduard Melkus Archive 439 964-2

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