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Welcome to the starting point/central hub of my site. A point to relay you to pages dedicated to all of my active projects and interests.

Relay Satilite

Projects and Interests

Science Fiction Technical Overview

A writers reference to Science Fiction technologies.

Millennium War

This is where I am keeping prose stories that I am writing. Origonal fiction and a little bit of fanfiction.


Lightwave artwork done by me.

Personal Information

General information about isoner. (me)

Otaku South

Anime club

Comic Strip

A new Sci Fi comic strip by myself, Marshall Lakes and Rick Chong. Please check it out!

Keeping track of changes and improvements made to this site.

This page is also the gateway to the Science Fiction Technical
Overview, the first link in the above table. The SFTO is an attempt to summarize fictional technologies from as many shows, movies and books as I can think of, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica,
Star Blazers, and a wide assortment of other movies, manga,
and anime. In addition to technologies, it is also beginning to cover some of the procedural stuff as well.

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Other Links

Sabrina Online

Eric Schwartz Productions website. Lots of fun for Amiga users and Furry lovers. Also be sure to check out Sabrina Online.

An online book publishing and selling site.

This page belongs to one of the artists working with me on the comic.