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Wyndridge Airedales and their owners, Mary and Joseph Lukaszewski, are located in Georgetown, Delaware. We have been raising and training Airedales for over twenty years in New England and now in Delaware.

We are proud of the temperament of the Wyndridge Airedales and of the successes they have had in the show and obedience rings, as therapy dogs and as hunters of small game. Although we strive that each litter of pups will have “the world’s greatest pup”, we are just as happy with the many dogs of good quality we have sold as companion dogs. Over the years, we have had many people return to us for a second or third puppy

As of 2013, we are no longer breeding Airedales. We have reached an age where we probably will not be able to support new pups for their entire lives; therefore, we feel it is not responsible to bring new lives into the world.

We are leaving our website on the internet as we have had requests to make the information contained within the website available for people seeking information about Airedales. Read and enjoy and if you have any questions, please feel free to send inquiries to mlukas@sprintmail.com. I will enjoy answering your questions.

Mary Lukaszewski mlukas@sprintmail.com

Questions/Comments? Send me an email.

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