Minerals and Fossils

Our inventory continues to change, and we currently have nearly 2,000 specimens for sale (ranging in price from $1 to $400), with most specimens priced under $30. We individually select each specimen whenever possible. For a complete inventory list, click here.

Click on highlighted names to see representative photos.

New Acquisitions

We acquired many new specimens over past year, and have some great deals to pass on to our customers. We've got lots of new specimens from all over the world and some miscellaneous larger-sized, cabinet specimens. Click on the links below to see some representative specimens. As always, if you need more information or are looking for something special, send us an e-mail.

Bulgaria (updated 4/2018)

Mexico (updated 06/2017)

Africa (updated 09/2018)

Namibia (updated 09/2018)

China (updated 04/20187)

Colorado (updated 09/2017)

Miscellaneous specimens (updated 09/2018)



We've many varieties of fossils, including, fossil echinoids and clams from Madagascar, agatized coral from Florida, Megalodon shark teeth from South Carolina, shark, spinosaur, elasmosaur and mosasaur teeth from Morocco, trilobites from Utah and Morocco, ammonites from Madagascar, Morocco, and Russia. (updated 09/2018)

Fossil Fish from the Green River Formation (Eocene), Wyoming. Prices range from $6 to $80, but most are less than $20. (updated 09/2017)


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