Miscellaneous Specimens

(updated 9/29/2018)

We carry specimens from around the world and from many locations in the US.

NEW! Baker Ranch agates, sometimes called "Baker Eggs" are a "thunder egg" found about 25 miles south of Deming, New Mexico, near the Mexican border. These colorful rocks form in gas bubbles left behind from volcanic activity millions of years ago. They come in a wide variety of colors including white, black, gray-blue, pink, and red. They are strongly fluorescent and the agates glow bright green under shortwave ultraviolet light. Some of the nodules are hollow with quartz crystals lining the cavity. The mine that produced these agates is now closed and the mine site is being reclaimed. We have them both as single pieces and matched pairs. Prices range from $8 - $40.

baker agate, new mexico__AGATE, Baker Egg Mine near Deming, New Mexico (#G18-375, $12).

__AGATE, Baker Egg Mine near Deming, New Mexico (#G18-397, $35). A larger specimen, about 3.5 inches across, with deep red color.

__AGATE/GEODE, Baker Egg Mine near Deming, New Mexico (#G18-405, $36/pair). This small pair has small quartz crystals, surrounded by pink and white agate.


NEW! Calcite with bright orange crystals from Poland. We have several of these, priced from $12-$30, with most under $20.

calcite, poland__ Calcite, Grabiszce Quarry, Lower Silesia, Poland (#G18-192, $30)

calcite, poland__Calcite, Grabiszce Quarry, Lower Silesia, Poland (#G18-174, $18)

Fluorite from Weardale, County Durham, England. Purple, green and blue colored large crystals with associated quartz, hematite, and pyrite. These fluoresce and intense purple color under short-wave UV light. Prices range from $8 to $40, with most under $25

fluorite, england__Fluorite, Weardale, County Durham, England (#G16-723, $30). A pale purple color on this specimen which consists of 2 large crystals. Pyrite inclusions are present in the specimen.


Cavansite on Stilbite, Poona, Maharashtra, India. Beautiful blue spherical crystal clusters that contrast nicely with the white, bladed stilbite crystals. These are getting expensive, but we found some that we've reasonably priced from $40 - $60, with most under $50.

cavansite, india__Cavansite & Stilbite, Poona, India (#G16-446, $60). This specimen is about 1.5 inches across.


Azurite nodules (mini geodes) from the Blue Ball Mine in Gila County, Arizona. Some also have some malachite, and they average around 1 inch in diameter. Prices range from $8-$15.

azurite, arizona__Azurite nodule, Blue Ball Mine, Gila Co., Arizona (G15-1311, $12).

Tourmaline, some with topaz, quartz, and/or lepidolite, Skardu District, Pakistan. The tourmalines are mostly black, but many of them have translucent blue color at the top. Prices range from $25-75, with most under $50.

tourmaline, pakistan____Tourmaline with quartz & lepidolite, Skardu District, Pakistan (#G14-1358, $66). This specimen has a slight blue color, and is about 1.5 inches tall.

Specimens from Bulgaria! Click here to see more.

quartz, pyrite, bulgaria____Quartz, pyrite, sphalerite (var. marmatite), Erma Reka District, Bulgaria (#G16-396, $30).




Pyrite, spain__Pyrite cubes on matrix, Navajun La Rioja, Spain. (#G14-176, $36). Prices range from $18 - $60, with most under $30.


copper, michigan__Native copper, Caledonia Mine, Ontonagan Co., Michigan. (#G15-070, $18). We've lots of these, priced from $10-$24, with most under $20.

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