(updated 06/28/2017)

In 2015, we again travelled to Namibia in southwest Africa for a "mineral safari". It was a great trip and a great country to visit. We came home with over 200 quality, affordable, and hard-to-get mineral specimens. Minerals that we acquired included aquamarine, topaz, garnet, tourmaline (schorl), fluorite, prehnite, several varieties of quartz (including amethyst and smoky phantoms,and enhydros), and others. The specimens from our 2011 trip have been very popular. The following is a small sampling of what we have to offer from Namibia, including those that we purchased from the Uli Bahmann collection.


NEW! Aquamarine,some with tourmaline (schorl) or smoky quartz. We recently purchased a large lot of smaller specimens from Namibia, and these are a real bargain.

aquamarine, Namibia__Aquamarine and tourmaline (schorl), Erongo Mountains, Namibia (#G16-949, $50).


aquamarine, namibia__Aquamarine on smoky quartz, Erongo Mountains, Namibia (#G11-1145, $125).

NEW! Amethyst from both the Gobobos Mountains and the Brandberg Mountains. Many of these have deep color, with phantoms of both amethyst and smoky quartz. Some have water bubbles, and a few are on matrix (which are rare). Prices range from $15-$150, with most under $50. Many of these were bought directly from the miners in the Gobobos Mountains.

amethyst, namibia____Amethyst on matrix, Gobobos Mountains, Namibia (#G16-008, $60).


amethyst, namibia__Amethyst, Gobobos Mountains, Namibia (#G15-786, $100). A beautiful, large single crystal with amethyst phantoms and a hint of smoky quartz within.


amethyst, brandberg mountains__Amethyst, Brandberg Mountains, Namibia (#G15-798, $70). Amethyst from the Brandbergs are relatively rare, because collecting is now restricted there.. This one is especially rare, because it also has a water bubble inside (enhydro). The specimen is about 1.75 inches across and the largest crystal is a bit more than an inch tall.

We acquired several more quartz crystals with water bubbles inside (called "enhydros") from the Gobobos Mountains in the Brandberg region of Namibia. Many of these crystals have amethyst or smoky phantoms, and some have inclusions of lepidocrocite. Some have more than one bubble. These are beautiful and rare crystals, and we search high and low for them. We also have enhydros from Mexico, China, and Brazil.

enhydro quartz, namibia__Quartz enhydro crystal with amethyst phantom Gobobos Mountains, Brandberg Region, Namibia (#G14-218, SOLD, but we have others). This one has one moving bubble (they don't always move) indicated by the black arrow. You can see the bubble just to the left of the tip of the arrow.


beryl, namibia____Beryl (var. goshenite) & tourmaline, Erongo Mtns., Namibia (#G15-683, $45).


smoky quartz, namibia__Smoky quartz & orthoclase feldspar, Erongo Mountains, Namibia (#G15-697, $20). A nice black/white color combination.


aquamarine, namibia____Aquamarine, tourmaline (schorl) and orthoclase, Erongo Mountains, Namibia (#G11-1129, $85). This is a nice color combination of blue, black, and white, measuring a bit more than 2 inches tall and 2.25 inches across. From the Uli Bahmann collection.

____Tourmaline (schorl) with quartz, and beryl after orthoclase (paramorph), Erongo Mtns., Namibia (#G11-1083, $50). An interesting specimen, with small quartz, schorl and beryl crystals growing on (outside and inside) what used to be an orthoclase feldspar crystal that has since dissolved away - paramorph "geode" if you like. The specimen is 1.75" tall and 2.25" across. From the Uli Bahmann collection.


fluorite, namibia__Fluorite, Erongo Mountains, Namibia (SOLD). This is a beautiful, zoned crystal combination. From the Uli Bahmann collection.

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