(updated 09/28/2017)

We have many specimens from our home state, only a few of which we could include on this page. We also have a wide variety of specimens of pyrite from the Eagle Mine, goethite from the Crystal Peak area, fluorite & amethyst from Unaweep Canyon, and calcite on calcite from the La Junta area.


smoky quartz, microcline, colorado__Smoky Quartz on Microcline feldspar, Lakeview Lode, Lake George, Park Co., Colorado (#G17-274). The microcline will fluoresce red under short-wave UV light.

Hematite on Smoky Quartz from the Sigma Mine, Cameron Cone, El Paso County (Pikes Peak region), Colorado. Small, red-black hematite crystals add a sparkle to these specimens, many of which have unusual shapes and are doubly-terminated. Prices range from $8-$24, with most under $15.

hematite on smoky quartz, colorado__Hematite on smoky quartz, El Paso County, Colorado (#G16-636, $24). This is a doubly-terminated, "dagger" shaped crystal with small reddish hematite coating parts of the crystal.


barite, stoneham, colorado__Blue Barite, Stoneham, Weld Co., Colorado (G15-1391, $50). We recently acquired several of these that were collected in the 90's. These are fairly large specimens, with prices ranging from $50-55.


lepidolite, colorado__Lepidolite, Brown Derby Mine, Gunnison Co., Colorado (#G15-333, $30, polished). These specimens take a good polish, and make a great addition to your collection.


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