Agatized Coral from Florida

(updated 10/11/2016)

Fossil corals, mostly of Oligocene-Miocene age, in which the calcite that normally makes up the coral framework is replaced by agate (quartz). Designated as the Florida State Stone in 1979. Originally, these were found in the Tampa Bay area, but in recent years they have been found in the rivers of central and northern Florida. We have specimens from all areas. They are sold both as single specimens or as matched pairs. Many of them fluoresce under short wave UV light. We like to carry a stock of these specimens when we can find them at a good price, and we have these priced from $12 to $98,with most under $25, depending on size, quality, or if sold as a pair.


NEW! fossil coral, florida____ This large specimen is from the Withlacoochie River area, in central Florida (#G14-949, $98). It's about 8inches across and 7.75 inches tall.


NEW! ____Fossil coral, Withlacoochie River area, Florida (#G14-948, $70). This is a large coral head, about 7 inches across and 5 inches tall, with good coral structure visible on the back. We also have the matching half to this specimen.


NEW! _ Agatized coral from the Tampa Bay area, central Florida (#G15-137, $30/pair). Specimens from the Tampa Bay area are relatively scarce, but we were able to get quite a few of them in 2015.


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