Fossil Fish

(updated 09/28/2017)

We carry a large selection of fossil fish from the Green River Formation (Eocene, Wyoming). Most are of the common Knightia and Diplomystus varieties, but we do have a couple other rarer species as well. Prices range from $4-$80, depending on size, quality, and rarety, and most are under $20.


fossil fish, mioplousus, wyoming__Mioplosus (#G02-599, $80).Very detailed, rare specimen. The fish is about 5 inches long, on a 4.5" x 7' matrix.

fossil fish, diplomystus, wyoming__Diplomystus (#G12-173, $50). Great detail in this specimen.

fossil fish, wyoming__Knightia (G16-817, $15) We have lots of these, priced from $6-$15.

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