(updated 09/30/2018)

This page has a few photos of some of the miscellaneous fossils that we have from around the world.

NEW!shark tooth morocco__Fossil shark tooth (Paleocarcharodon), Khourigba, Morocco (#G18-310, $18). These are older (Paleocene, 50 million years old), and more rare than the more common shark teeth from Morocco. The teeth have more pronounced serations along the tooth. Prices range from $12-$24, with most less than $20.


NEW! Fossil echinoids from Madagascar. We have several of these in 2 different sizes, with prices ranging from $10-$24 (most under $20).

echinoid, madagascar__Fossil Echinoid (Plesiolampus, Paleocene), polished, Sakaraha, Madagascar (#G18-083, $18).

NEW! fossil shrimp, lebanon__Fossil shrimp (Carpopenaeus, Cretaceous), Hjoula, Lebanon (#G18-012, $30). We have several of these with prices ranging from $25-$38.

NEW! spinosaur tooth, morocco__Spinosaur tooth (Cretaceous), Kem Kem basin, Morocco (#G18-007, $30). We only have a few of these left, with prices ranging from $25-$30

Fossil gastropods (snails), Eocene, Damery, France. These specimens usually have 2 larger and several smaller shells on each specimen, and they fluoresce under short-wave UV light. Prices range from $10-$18.

fossil gastropods, france__Fossil gastropods, Eocene, Damery, France (#G16-811, $18).

Mammal fossils, Oligocene age White River Formation from Wyoming and Nebraska. Includes 30-35 million-year old oreodont, titanothere, mesohippus, and other animal bones and teeth.


oreodont teeth, nebraska__Oreodont lower jaw segment and teeth, Oligocene, Brule Member, White River Formation, near Harrison, Nebraska (#G15-511, $20). The teeth fluoresce under short-wave UV light!


Elasmosaurus teeth, (Cretaceous), Khourigba, Morocco. These marine reptiles are related to long-necked plesiosaurs. We've got about a dozen of these, which are still on matrix. Prices range from $40-$50, with most under $50.

elasmosaurus tooth, Morocco____Elasmosaurus tooth, Morocco (#G15-309, $50). This tooth is about 1.75 inches long on a 4" matrix, and is in very good condition.There are also other bone fragments in the matrix on the back side of the specimen.


shark tooth, morocco__Fossil shark tooth on matrix (Otodus, Eocene), Morocco (#G15-346, $35). We have several others, priced from $20-$35.


megalodon tooth__Shark tooth (Carcharodon megalodon), Miocene, South Carolina (#G16-458, $175). This tooth is mostly complete and still has sharp serations around the edges. We have several more of these, priced from $45-$300, with most under $200.


Fossil clams (Mercenaria menaria, Paleocene) from Madagascar. We have several of these popular specimens. These have all been polished, and are showy specimens. Colors range from mostly brown to mostly white. Prices range from $12-$18.

fossil clam, madagascar__Fossil clam (Mercenaria menaria, polished), Paleocene, Madagascar (#G14-268, $15).


trilobite, utah__Trilobite (Elrathia kingi, Cambrian), Wheeler Shale, Millard Co., Utah. (#G13-1494, $18). Prices range from $5-$20, with most under $20. This specimen has a smaller trilobite on the lower left of the matrix.


shark tooth, morocco__Fossil shark tooth (Eocene), Morocco. (G12-626, $15). The teeth are in great shape, and are still sharp on the edges. Prices range from $8-$15.


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