(Updated 12/08/18)

We have a wide variety of specimens from Mexico - many more than just the few representative samples that we are showing here.


Quartz/Chalcedony geodes from Chihuahua, Mexico. These very odd shaped geodes are really unusual, but eye-catching. These specimens fluoresce bright green under short-wave UV light, and are somewhat translucent when back-lit. Prices range from $16-28, with most under $25.

quartz, chalcedony geode, mexico__Quartz/chalcedony geode, Chihuahua, Mexico (#G12-1009, SOLD).

Gypsum (Selenite) from Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. We obtained a lot of these very showy (and hard-to-get) specimens in a mix of sizes, ranging from 2" to more than 6". Some of the specimens are very clear, and we're offering them at great prices (ranging from $5-$92, with most under $30. Here are a couple examples:

gypsum, naica__ Gypsum, Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico (#G11-706, $68). Beautiful water-clear specimen, about 6 inches wide and 2.0 inches tall.


Quartz scepters, Liliana Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico. We bought a large lot of these spectacular crystals, which have not been in circulation for several years. Most of the tips of the crystals are pale amethyst, but they are very gemmy. Prices range from $25-$30.

__ #G09-798, $28 (about 1.0" tall)


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