(updated 09/29/2018)

Many new specimens are coming out of Africa lately. Morocco has been a source of great looking and affordable mineral and fossil specimens for many years. Click here to see some of the specimens that we have from our 2014 trip to Morocco. Additionally, there are new specimens coming from several areas in Namibia and from Ethiopia.

NEW!green quartz, madagascar___Quartz with Epidote, Vohemar District, Antsiranana Province, Madagascar (#G18-269, $70). The epidote that is on and/or included in the quartz crystals give the specimens a greenish tint. Several of the specimens have green phantoms on the tips of the quartz crystals. This specimen is about 5 inches across. Prices range from $40-$75.

NEW! malachite, Congo__Polished MALACHITE, Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (#G18-033, $36). We have several of these, priced from $24-$44.


NEW! aegerine, smoky quartz, malawi__AEGERINE, SMOKY QUARTZ and MICROCLINE, Mt. Malosa, Zombe District, Malawi (#G18-212, $20).

NEW! opal, ethiopia __OPAL, Yita Ridge near Mezzezo, Ethiopia (#G17-315, $70). This nodule us about 1.5 inches in diameter with great fire. We have many of these specimens, as well as several from the Welo region. Prices range from $15-$160, with most under $60.

CELESTITE from Madagascar. We always try and carry some of these gemmy specimens, but sometimes we have a hard time finding ones with good color and undamaged crystals. We have several, and have them priced from $15-48, with most under $35.

celestite, madagascar__ Celestite geode, Madagascar (#G14-157, $36).This specimen is a bit over 4 inches across.


In addition to the specimens shown below, we also carry other affordable Moroccan specimens including erythrite, rosalite, siderite, epidote, barite, fluorite, and hematite.

NEW! AZURITE, Touissit, Jerada Province, Morocco. These are beautiful, lustrous,deep blue crystal clusters. Prices range from $15-$500, with most at $100 or less.

azurite, morocco__Azurite, Touissit, Jerada Province, Morocco (#G17-409, $100). This specimen is about 1 inch tall, with big lustrous crystals.

__Azurite, Touissit, Jerada Province, Morocco (#G17-425, $40). This specimen is about 1 inch tall.

NEW! silver, morocco__NATIVE SILVER, Imider Mine, Tinghir Province, Morocco (#G17-441, $65). This specimen is about 1 inch tall.


NEW! vanadinite, morocco__VANADINITE, Midelt, Mibladen District, Morocco (#G18-122, $36). This is a new find, and the color has been described as "blood red". It's sort of a reddish brown, but has great luster.

CHALCEDONY, Tata Province, Morocco. Nice contrasting dark grey and white colors that form interesting patterns. Similar to the desert roses of Arizona. Some have quartz crystals as well as chalcedony, and they fluoresce yellow under short-wave UV light. Prices range from $6 - $20.

____Chalcedony, Tata Province, Morocco (#G16-855, $12).

VANADINITE with mimetite overgrowths, ACF Mine, Mibladen District, Morocco. These specimens have a distinct color zonation on the crystal faces. Prices range from $20 to $42.

vanadinite, morocco__Vanadinite with Mimetite overgrowths, ACF Mine, Mibladen District, Morocco (G16-662, $34).

CALCITE, QUARTZ, and PYRITE from the El Hammam Mine, near Meknes, Morocco. These are very showy combinations with "poker-chip" calcite crystals on slightly tarnished pyrite and clear quartz. Prices range from $24 - $45.

calcite, morocco______Calcite, Quartz, and Pyrite, El Hammam Mine, near Meknes, Morocco (#G16-480, $36). This specimen is about 4 inches across and 2.5 inches tall.

SEPTARIAN NODULES from Oujda, Morocco. We have these in a couple different sizes. Larger sized ones are priced individually, but the smaller ones are sold as pairs. Prices range from $8-15, with most under $12.

septarian nodule, morocco__Septarian nodule, Morocco (#G15-304, $12/pair).


In addition to mineral specimens we have a large variety of fossil specimens from Morocco, including ammonites, trilobites, and shark teeth.



aquamarine, erongo mtns, namibia _Click here to see some of the specimens that we purchased on our "mineral safaris" to Namibia or that we've acquired since that trip.


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