(updated 9/29/2018)


We have specimens from Morocco, Madagascar, and Russia. Ammonites lived in the sea, much like our present-day nautilus does, and are related to present-day octopus and squid.

NEW! ammonite, madagascar__Ammonite (Cleoniceras, Cretaceous), Mahajanga Prov., Madagascar (#G18-322, $15). These specimens are polished, and have an irridescence that is sometimes described as "opalized", with bright flashes of color.


ammonite, madagascar__Ammonite, Mahanjanga Province, Madagascar (Jurassic age, #G18-017, $18). It has been cut in half and polished. We have lots of these, in a variety of sizes and colors, and prices range from $6-$40, with most under $20.

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