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About The Author

Shelly Johnson-Choong was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and educated in the Pacific Northwest. She has lectured in her community and often participates as a speaker in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints youth firesides. In addition to many Church callings in the Young Women organization, she has enjoyed serving as a stake missionary, Compassionate Service teacher in the Relief Society, as well as a temple ordinance worker. She is currently serving as Gospel Doctrine teacher.

She enjoys traveling abroad with her husband, Larry, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her beloved dog. Shelly also enjoys her music; as a flutist, she has studied with some of the finest musicians in the Northwest and she performs often.

She is a former equestrian and entrepeneur, and loves observing wildlife. She takes care of wild birds and enjoys watching them raise their families. Her greatest joys, however, are her family and friends.

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Lilies and Clover - a novel from Bookcraft 1998

available in soft-cover

The halls of the local high school provide the backdrop for this novel that follows three average teenagers through the everyday struggles of heartbreak, friendship, and the discovery of spiritual truths.

Sixteen-year old Kody is impressed with Jimmy Lee's ability to stand up for her strength. With the help of their friend Reenie, both Jimmy Lee and Kody find their happiness and peace that comes only from being true to yourself and to the gospel.

Available at your nearest LDS Bookstore or purchase novel from Deseret Book

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To Each A Gift - a tape from Bookcraft 1998

This motivational talk, ideal for teenagers as well as adults, examines the importance of finding our unique gifts or talents - both temporal and spiritual.

By highlighting a personal tragedy in her life, Shelly Johnson-Choong shows that somes of our most precious gifts can actually be developed during times of heartache and tragedy. She shares a talent developed during a time of physical trial and performs a beautiful flute solo.

This touching presentation will encourage listeners to look at their challenges with a new perspective and realize that failure may bring us one step closer to our particular talents.

Available at your nearest LDS bookstore or purchase from Deseret Book

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A Light to Come Home By - a novel from Covenant Communication 1995

available in soft-cover and cassette tape

Jessa Meyers and Micah Stevenson have been close friends for over two years. Earlier, Jessa had helped Miah win his battle against alcoholism, strengthening him emotionally and spiritually. Now Micah is leaving on a mission, and Jessa is attending Ricks College.

No, this is not a typical girl-waits-for-missionary story. Far from it! Jessa, in fact, falls in love with Connor Hathaway, a handsome returned missionary who is rich, smooth, and attentive. They become engaged, and from a distance, Micah sees Jessa slipping away from him.

But Micah's problems are only beginning. Without warning, his father (who deserted the family years earlier) shows up on his doorstep in the mission field. He is dying of liver cancer, and Micah must deal with the sometimes bitter pill of accepting and caring for him.

As life gets more complicated for both Jessa and Micah, they must work through difficult personal challenges that threaten to devastate their lives. Clinging to the gospel and their friendship, they search for the hope and comfort that comes from a loving Father in Heaven.

A sensitively crafted book that will move and inspire teen and adult readers.

Available at your nearest LDS bookstore or purchase novel from, Deseret Book or Covenant Communication

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The Jewelry Box - a novel from Covenant Communications, Inc 1994

available in soft-cover and cassette tape

A challenging senior year at a new high school teaches Jessa Meyers just what it means to be a genuine and true friend.

Jessa meets Catlyn, a beautiful blond who is used to being in control. The new friendship begins to raise questions that make Jessa uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Jessa is also attracted to Micah, an inactive boy in her ward--even though Catlyn warns her, "Stay away from him. He's into booze and drugs."

But as the friendship between Jessa and Catlyn become more complicated, something extraordinary begins to happen between Jessa and Micah. Her genuine concern for him as a teenage alcoholic is the beginning of not only a caring friendship but a means of life-changing hope for Micah.

Shelly Johnson-Choong takes us into the hearts of teens struggling with some of today's most difficult challenges--like being true to our values when artificial attractions surround us. Using the image of a jewelry box, the author helps young readers see that no matter how beautiful a person may appear, it's what's in the heart that counts. An empty jewelry case may be very attractive, but if it remains empty, it's not serving its real purpose. The Jewelry Box is an excellent story for teen and young adult readers, who are surrounded by fake gems and false beauty.

Available at your nearest LDS bookstore or purchase novel from, Deseret Book or Covenant Communication

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