Dance History Studio

Patricia Weeks Rader founded the Dance History Studio in 1995 to assist dancers, teachers, choreographers, musicians, actors and scholars in their research and reconstruction of dance and dance-related projects. The mission of the Dance History Studio is

We welcome dance of all eras and geographic regions to these virtual pages, and inside the real walls of the planned Studio.

The central area of the planned Studio will be a 55' diameter dance space for reconstruction, choreography, improvisation experiments, rehearsal, and small scale performance. On the perimeter of the studio floor will be the Studio library, research resources, and equipment for music and video production. We are seeking a good location and funding for the Studio space.

Reconstructions and recreations of performance draw on a a variety of resources for the rehearsal process:  memories, visual works, music, texts, and dance notations. Despite the technological advances of film, video and computer notations, live performance qualities are often absent from dance documentation. Unlike a painting or sculpture, dance, music and theater performances do not "stand still" for the viewer, critic, or historian to study, and the records left by the performing arts engender a continual effort for the reconstructor, traversing the distance between past and present. Performance is recreated when the dance again enters a human body in a dancing space, blossoming from verified historical evidence, dedication to high standards, and sensitivity to art and music.

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Last updated December 20, 2000