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Published in The Rocket, February 10, 1999


REEL LIFE: Blast From the Past

by Sharon Knolle
After proving his worth in Gods and Monsters, it's a disappointment to see Brendan Fraser turning in another variation on his goofy role as caveman or jungleman out of his element. In Blast from the Past, he's a naïf who's lived his whole life in a sealed bomb shelter who ventures forth in search of supplies and a woman. He meets and woos the reluctant, "street-smart" Eve, played by a sullen Alicia Silverstone, who lets her perfect curls act for her. If Eve were played by someone as witty and tart as, say, Sarah Michelle Gellar, than Blast from the Past might have been more than a Back to the Future wannabe. As it is, the stale Adam-meets-Eve romance is the least appealing part of the film. Once Adam emerges from the shelter, the movie's charm all but evaporates. Although some of Adam's topside encounters are very funny (his first glimpse of TV sunscreen ads, for example), we also have to endure his predictable first sight of the ocean, first rainstorm, etc. The film misses a chance to skewer today's retro trends, and instead we're fed the message that if we'd all spent the last 35 years in a time warp, the world would be a better place. Brendan, looking forward to your big action debut in The Mummy. Just glad to hear you don't have the title role.

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