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Everybody gets a Raise: Raise Your Voice premiere
Issue date: October 8, 2004

"Ladder" to the stars: Buzz Aldrin hugs John Travolta at the Ladder 49 premiere
Issue date: September 23, 2004

You're Invited: Sexy single actors Josh Duhamel and Seann William Scott pick up party tips
Issue date: September 3, 2004

Delay of Game: Andy Dick asks "Where is everyone?" at XBOX event
Issue date: July 30, 2004

Meat of the Matter: Stars chew on"White Castle"
Issue date: July 29, 2004

Villains and Heroes: Kingsley likes being called "Sir Ben"
Issue date: July 29, 2004

Washington Warning: Denzel Says "Be Afraid" of "Manchurian Candidate"
Issue date: July 23, 2004

Cat Scratch Fever: Halle Berry looks purr-fect at "Catwoman" premiere
Issue date: July 22, 2004

Actors Sound Off on '70s Fashions: Anchorman premiere
Issue date: July 2, 2004

Plus Fuss: "Hairspray" star still feels Beverly Hills snub
Issue date: July 2, 2004

Kitties and Brits: Tippi Hedren takes issue with "Two Brothers"
Issue date: July 2, 2004

Good Sports: HBO All-Star Family Sports Jam
Issue date: June 27, 2004

Crawl Space: Spider-Man 2 premiere
Issue date: June 24, 2004

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