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LA Daily News: Spywitness

By Sharon Knolle

Thursday, June 26, 2004 - GOOD SPORTS: "Tony Alva just said my name!" a giddy Jamie Lee Curtis exclaimed at the HBO All-Star Family Sports Jam - the huge fund-raiser for Los Angeles Childrens Hospital - sounding as much like a teenager as she did when she switched bodies with Lindsay Lohan in "Freaky Friday."

At last weekend's event at Santa Monica Airport's Barker Hanger, Curtis introduced Alva, the legendary "Dogtown and Z-Boys" star/skateboarder, as "a hero, a cowboy and one of the greatest, most interesting men I've ever met in my whole life."

Not that she's a skateboarder herself. "To be honest, I'm a 45-year-old woman who shouldn't be on a ramp other than standing on one," she admitted.

Curtis took a political stand with her shirt reading, "VOTE" and her pick for president: John Kerry.

"I am flabbergasted at the reputation of Americans around the world. I am shocked that Americans have to be told not to wave the American flag when they're at the Olympics. It's time for a change."

No one had to tell "Alias" hunk Michael Vartan, who played hockey with the kids, and Patrick Dempsey, who shot some basketball with young players while L.A. Laker Rick Fox played announcer, to spend their Saturday with the fans.

"Chris Albrecht (HBO honcho) and I are co-chairing the $200 million campaign for the new hospital and this event is a big part of our fund-raising effort," said "Entertainment Tonight" anchor Mary Hart. "We're so happy to see families bring their kids out for a day of sports activities and meeting major stars."

Star skater/actress Tara Lipinski, who began helping out at a children's hospital in Texas when she was just 13, eyed the rock climbing wall warily. "The rock climbing looks like fun, but I've never done it so I'd probably kill myself."

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