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Published in The Rocket, July 8, 1998


REEL LIFE: I Went Down

by Sharon Knolle
This Irish road flick/gangster comedy just may be the funniest British import since The Full Monty. It concerns a luckless Irish lad, Git (Peter McDonald, a very appealing ringer for Edward Norton), just out of jail and moping about the girl who's left him for (ouch) his best friend. During his first night out of the joint, while in pursuit of his girl, Git inadvertently crosses a mob boss. To make amends, he must "go down" and kidnap another man who's crossed the boss and stolen a considerable chunk of cash. For the job, Git is saddled with a partner: Bunny (Brendan Gleeson), a more experienced but equally clueless ex-con who immediately succeeds in losing their quarry. These two inept henchmen carry out their task against considerable odds, stumbling through some truly hilarious set pieces, including a kidnapping with masks that cover everything but their faces and Bunny instructing Git on firing a gun--and then charging him for every bullet he fires. The film is interspersed with titles that announce upcoming action, such as "some shooting and a car chase" and "dancing and then some sexual intercourse," that are almost worth the price of admission alone.


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