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Variety Int'l Star of the Year: Jude Law

From Job to Leo, Law lists his greatest hits


"Schott's Original Miscellany": At the moment I can't get away myself away from this little book. It's a collection of the most essential and ridiculous information and I don't know what that says about where my head's at. I love it. It's a piece of entertainment and also information and inspiration.

"The Book of Job": I read it when I was doing "Cold Mountain," and it blew me away and I went back to a couple of times It was clear from the first reading that you were getting a lot from it, but you knew you'd have to read it again to understand it, because there was so much you weren't getting. Probably the rawest piece of literarture I'd read in a long time, and therefore rich.

"Cold Mountain": I read it several times and enjoyed listening to it being read by Charles Frazier on the tapes. (The character of Inman) was fascinating because on the one hand, he was a man who was in a moral dilemma, on a pilgrimage to save his soul from his demons, and at the same time was probably the most inspired character I'd ever played.


- Busy thesp piles up projects
- 'World' leads back to producing chores
- Fighting the price of fame
- Chaplin, Keaton, Day-Lewis inspire
- A leading man and a looker


I have very fond memories of watching "Padre Padrone" and "The Bicycle Thief' and "The Night of the Hunter" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "His Girl Friday." I never felt scared of subtitles or the color of the film or the content of the film, simply because my mom's love of them was so enthusiastic I equally had a love of "First Blood" and "Apocalypse Now" and "Wild Geese" and "Scarface" and stuff like that from my Dad, for very different reasons. I can remember going with him and loving the popcorn and the Coke. I also love the early films of Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. I've always tried to devour as much as I can, just because it's a medium I've always lived for, really.


I'll tell you what I'm listening to the, moment, as long as you write "At the moment I'm listening to ...,": a lot of Neil Young, in particular his new album, "Greendale"' a lot of Stevie Wonder, and Kings of Leon.


I don't watch TV. Well, there's "Tweenies," which I've watched with my kids. "time to come play with the Tweenies," one's purple, one's orange and one's red. They have a big fluffy dog called Doodles. Growing up, I watched shows like "Grange Hills," about a grade school. And I watched "Doctor Who." I grew up with Tom Baker, he was my Doctor Who.


"I've been very lucky and worked with a lot of really selfless, enthusiastic, collaborative, decent actors. I've lucked out. I'm happy to work with everyone I've worked with before." That said, he did mention hy three of his recent co-stars who earned high marks from him:

Philip Seymour Hoffman: "I had an amazing time working with him for the second time. I don't think it's just because we've worked together before, but more just the chance to carry on where we'd left off. I was and always have been pushed and inspired by the way he works and the kind of work he brings out of those around him by what he's doing. There's something wonderful about working with someone and standing back and watching the other work they do with other people and feeling a bit of what they were doing. The opportunities I've had to work with him both been extraordinary in themselves.

Leonardo Dicaprio: I really enjoyed meeting and working with Leo (on "The Aviator") and would love to work with him again. I think he's done some incredible work and is someone I've respected.

Nicole Kidman: What was clear, there was just a very strong and generous and fearless kind of relationship between (director) Anthony (Minghella), Nicole (Kidman) and I from the get-go. Open, very clear, very willing to push each other and ourselves to make this piece that we believed in work. Funny enough, because of the structure of the piece, Nicole and I had very little to do together, because the piece is about us being apart. But the few pieces that we did do together, it was very clear that here was someone who was brave and positive and fearless. When you meet an actor like that, you know it's for keeps and that it's going to keep doing that, whatever the project. To work with someone like that again would be fantastic.

— Sharon Knolle

Published in Weekly Variety, Dec. 1-7, 2003

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