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Variety Int'l Star of the Year: Jude Law

"World" draws Law back into producing


(HOLLYWOOD) After the gradual disintegration of Natural Nylon — the much-hyped production company formed in 1996 by hot young Brits Jude Law, Ewan McCregor, Sean Pertwee, Jonny Lee Miller and Law's now ex-wife, Sadie Frost — Law is quietly getting back into producing with a new shingle, Rorschach Films.

Rorschach's first pic is the ambitious "The World of Tomorrow," starring Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. "It's like the difference between being a lion tamer and being a clown, really," says Law in comparing producing and acting. "It's like you're all part of the circus, but you're fulfilling very different roles."


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"'The World of Tomorrow' is very particular, because in a funny way, we were inventing a new way of making films, a new way of shooting them and a new way of creating them in post-production," says  Law of the pic, which makes extensive use of CGI. "It was  a process that was designed by Kerry Conran, the director, and realized by Jon Avnet, initially, and then I came onboard as a producing partner, along with Sadie Frost. "

So far, the film has gotten ink mostly for Law and Frost's split, with Law being linked in the tabloids to both his "Cold Mountain" leading lady Nicole Kidman and "Alfie" co-star Sienna Miller.

The couple, who wed in 1997, were divorced a little over a  month ago. "At the time, working together was probably  very helpful and healing to us," he says.

"The primary role for me, I felt, in that particular piece, was to be on the floor, because I was in every scene," he says of "World of Tomorrow." "It really enabled Kerry to get everything he needed in what was a very unique and, timewise, very pressured shoot.

"The nuts and bolts weren't really down to me on that piece, and thank God, because it was hand to mouth for a lot of it, until we got a deal at Paramount."

What else is on the page for Rorschach? "As for the other pieces that I'm producing, it's more of an overall, at times caressing, role in filmmaking, a sometimes tough or protective role," explains the actor.

Law plans to produce a remake of "Sleuth, in which he will also star with Michael Caine. "I'm very excited by a couple of those (producing projects) and seeing those through to the end, whether I'm in them or not," he says, while keeping mum on other films that might be on his plate.

"I'm still in the foothills, really," Law adds about his career as a producer.

Besides the obvious motivation to find better projects for himself as an actor, Law says, "I think it's also an interest in the process of the development of the text and working with writers and finding and working with a director who'll realize a piece that you see holds potential and something that's worth telling."

While Law enjoys producing, he can't see a time when he's working only behind the scenes. "But I'm allowed to change my mind," he says.

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