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Angel Face Links
Year: 1952
Studio: RKO
Director: Otto Preminger
Cast (in credits order):
Robert Mitchum ... Frank Jessup
Jean Simmons ... Diane Tremayne
Mona Freeman ... Mary Wilson
Herbert Marshall ... Charles Tremayne

Plot synopsis: Ambulance attendant Frank Jessup falls under the spell of unbalanced heiress Diane Tremayne. In trying to kill her stepmother, Diane accidentally kills her father too. She's acquitted of the crime, but fate has the final verdict: Guilty!

Verdict: Mitchum plays patsy to yet another femme fatale, although, in my opinion, this can't hold a candle to Out of the Past and Simmons is no Jane Greer. Still, this one has its followers, among them, French director Jean-Luc Godard.

Behind the Scenes: Director Preminger, known for being something of a sadist, insisted that Mitchum really slap Simmons in one scene since it was being shot in close-up. Preminger demanded take after take and finally Mitchum told him to call 'cut' or Preminger was the one who was going to start getting slapped!

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