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El Dorado

Year: 1967
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Director: Howard Hawks
John Wayne ... Cole Thornton
Robert Mitchum ... Sheriff J.P. Harrah Links
James Caan ... Allan Bedillion "Mississippi" Traherne
Charlene Holt ... Maudie
Paul Fix ... Doc Miller
Arthur Hunnicutt ... Deputy Bill Thomas
Ed Asner ... Bart Jason
John Mitchum ... Bartender

Plot synopsis: Gunman Cole Thornton returns to El Dorado to find that his old buddy, Sheriff J.P. Harrah, has succumbed to drink after a failed romance and become the town laughingstock. The two combine forces, along with knife-throwing "Mississippi," to rid the town of an unscrupulous land baron. An old injury of Thornton's and Harrah's alcholism only complicate things for these aging cowboys.

Verdict: A movie dream team if there ever was one, the plot takes a decided back seat to enjoying Wayne and Mitchum play off each other like old pals. Hawks, who surely must be given credit for all but inventing the "buddy" genre, is essentially remaking the very simliar Rio Bravo, but who's complaining? For more on the film see the Westerns and Comedies pages.

Behind the Scenes: When the "injured" Mitchum and Wayne began to lose track of which arm they should have their crutches under, which would cause a giant continuity error, Hawks simply added their real confusion to the script. Now that's quick thinking. And it seems in character for these crusty coots.

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