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Robert Mitchum: Family photos

These photos and their descriptions were graciously provided to me by Steve Azbill, who married the niece of Julie Mitchum, Bob's older sister. >Glamour shot of Julie Mitchum when she was still known as Annette Last updated: February 24, 2006
The first ever published picture of Bob in the Bridgeport Post where his poetry was printed
The three siblings, Bob, Annette, and little Jackie
Julie telling John a story, circa 2000. Note the cigarettes. She (and Bob) smoked Pall Mall unfiltered cigarettes since she was 12 years of age. When we took her to the hospital (for the last time) they of course checked her lungs....they were clear! You see, she had been a dancer all her life. In fact, when we went to visit her in her later years she had moved since the last time we were there. She gave us directions, but told us she'll be outside the house doing the hula. We thought she was joking. Quite a sight.
The whole family, circa 1988?