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Five Card Stud

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Year: 1968
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Director: Henry Hathaway
Cast (in credits order):
Dean Martin ... Van Morgan
Robert Mitchum ... Reverend Rudd
Inger Stevens ... Lily Langsford
Roddy McDowall ... Nick Evers
Katharine Justice ... Nora Evers
John Anderson ... Marshal Dana
Yaphet Kotto ... Little George

Plot synopsis: A professional gambler (Dean Martin) tries to figure out who is murdering poker players who had lynched a card cheat.

Verdict: A so-so western, with Mitchum's preacher a definite nod to his signature role as Preacher Harry Powell in The Night of the Hunter.

Reviews: "Mitchum's character at time seems contrived but he handles himself well nevertheless." — Variety
"Mitchum is tough, laconic and quite good..." — The New York Times

Behind the Scenes: Reportedly an unofficial remake of the studio's 1950 film noir Dark City, starring Charlton Heston. Biographer Lee Server says that this iconic meeting of Martin and Mitchum, "Hollywood's two deities of indifference," came off without a hitch. The only mishap was a camera platform that collapsed and missed crushing Mitchum by mere inches.