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Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Year: 1957
Studio: Twentieth Century-Fox
Director: John Huston
Cast (in credits order):
Deborah Kerr ... Sister Angela
Robert Mitchum ... Mr. Allison

Plot synopsis: During World War II, a U.S. Marine and a nun are both stranded on an island in the South Pacific. While hiding from the invading Japanese, the two grow close, but ultimately remain true to their respective orders.

Verdict:In this essentially two-character film, Mitchum gave perhaps his finest performance, which sadly, was not recognized by the Academy. His gruff Marine and Kerr's gentle nun are surprisingly good companions — so good, in fact, that Allison starts to believe they're "the last two people on earth, like Adam and Eve." Consider when this film was made, and you'll realize how the film has to end. But I admit I sniffle a little when Sister Angela tells him he'll be her "dear companion always."

Behind the Scenes: No doubt helping Mitchum's performance was acting opposite his preferred leading lady, and for his favorite director, John Huston, to boot. The actor even called this his favorite film — despite such hardships as being pulled out to sea by a giant turtle (Who needs stunt men, eh?) The somewhat cryptic title refers to a (supposedly) divine inspiration that strikes Mr. Allison.

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