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Holiday Affair

Year: 1949
Studio: RKO
Director: Don Hartman
Cast (in credits order):
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Robert Mitchum ... Steve Mason
Janet Leigh ... Connie Ennis
Wendell Corey ... Carl
Gordon Gebert ... Timmy
Griff Barnett ... Mr. Ennis
Esther Dale ... Mrs. Ennis
Henry O'Neill ... Mr. Crowley
Henry Morgan ... Judge

Plot Synopsis: Comparison shopper Connie Ennis inadvertently gets Steve Mason fired from his department store job at Christmastime. As she and her boy Timmy try to make it up to him, the widowed Connie is faced with having to settle for a loveless marriage with steady beau Carl or a second chance at true love with newcomer Steve.

Verdict: A truly delightful Christmas movie, with Mitchum in fine form as the man Janet Leigh should be with, and his scenes with Gordon Gebert are more proof of his finesse with child actors. The courtroom scene with Henry Morgan is a comic standout.

Behind the Scenes: In the kitchen scene in which Steve surprises Connie with a kiss, Janet Leigh's surprise is genuine: Mitchum surprised her with a real kiss instead of a stage one.

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