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Mitchum DVD Collection

Year: 1952
Studio: RKO
Director: Josef von Sternberg and Nicholas Ray (uncredited)
Robert Mitchum ... Nick Cochran
Jane Russell ... Julie Benton
William Bendix ... Lawrence Trumble
Thomas Gomez ... Lieutenant Sebastian
Gloria Grahame ... Margie
Brad Dexter ... Halloran

Plot synopsis: In the anything-goes Macao, Nick Cochran is mistaken for a U.S. agent who is trying to arrest mobster Halloran, so Halloran makes the first move against him. A pretty nightclub singer only complicates Nick's situation.

Mitchum's entrance: About 5 minutes in, he gets hit by a shoe thrown out a window by Jane Russell, who's trying to fend off a masher. One minute later (with the masher out of commission), Mitchum's kissing her.

Verdict: Mitchum and Russell are always great together, even if this outing doesn't have quite the snap of their first pairing in His Kind of Woman.

Behind the Scenes: Like His Kind of Woman, this film had several doctors and was finally released two years after it was made. RKO chief Howard Hughes was just not interested in releasing films, it seems. When director Josef von Sternberg banned food from the set, Mitchum brought a picnic basket to the set the next day, Jane Russell recalled. After Sternberg left the film, Nicholas Ray (then married to Gloria Grahame) re-shot much of the film without credit.