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Mitchum: Hollywood Photo Tour

Mural on Wilcox Avenue at Hollywood Blvd.

Mitchum is featured as his character from The Night of the Hunter. He can be spotted in the fifth row of stars, next to Woody Woodpecker (see detail below).
Other stars in the mural include Gregory Peck (4th row, to the right of Mitchum), Katharine Hepburn, Clark Gable (2nd row), Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean (first row).

photos 2003 Sharon Knolle

This mural (and Mitchum, in a way) has a cameo in the 2003 movie S.W.A.T. In this scene, Colin Farrell and Samuel L. Jackson try to apprehend crimelord Olivier Martinez at the corner of Hollywood and Wilcox.

Photo 2003 Columbia Pictures.