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Mitchum: Hollywood Photo Tour

Site of 1948 Pot Bust: 8443 Ridpath Drive

This is the infamous Hollywood Hills house where Mitchum, pal Robin Ford, and Lila Leeds were busted for marijuana possession in a police sting in 1948. These photos were taken from the street. A large bougainvillea plant obscures much of the house.

Excerpts from Lee Server's Mitchum biography, "Baby, I Don't Care": ... It was close to twelve when the phone rang. Lila answered and the men (on stakeout) heard her say, "It's the boys. They're at the bottom of the hill. They're lost. And they're loaded." ... Bob Mitchum drove the big new Buick up Laurel Canyon. The lights of Sunset Boulevard faded behind the woods and the rocks. They rode along, slowing at each crossroad until they found the right one, taking a left and then winding round and continuing to climb as the streets narrowed and became almost vertical. Ford spotted the place. A small, frame bungalow, it was perched on a steep slope above an open two-car garage. ... An outside light went on and Lila stood on the landing with her tommy coat hanging open and waited for them as they came up the rough stone staircase. ... Mitchum said he thought there was someone at the front window. He went over to the window and looked out but saw nothing. He crossed the room and joined Robin Ford on the davenport. ... He said, "Let's get high." (Moments later, police burst in to find Mitchum holding a lit marijuana cigarette).