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The Sundowners Links
Year: 1960
Studio: United Artists
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Cast (in credits order):
Deborah Kerr ... Ida Carmody
Robert Mitchum ... Paddy Carmody
Peter Ustinov ... Venneker
Michael Anderson Jr. ... Sean Carmody
Glynis Johns ... Mrs. Firth
Dina Merrill ... Jean Halstead

Plot synopsis: Australian "Sundowners" the Carmodys wander from town to town, even though Ida secretly longs for a home of her own. Their fortunes may be made when Paddy buys a racing colt they name Sundowner. But can he resist the urge to risk their entire savings on the outcome of Sundowner's big race?

Verdict: The terrific team of Mitchum and Kerr (Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison) is together again in this lovely film, only instead of unrequited love, they beautifully play a long-married husband and wife who know when to sacrifice for the other. And dig their flawless Australian accents!

Behind the Scenes: Mitchum took over the lead role from an ailing Gary Cooper. The Sundowners netted five Academy Award nominations, including one for Deborah Kerr (Best Actress) and Glynis Johns (Supporting Actress), and Best Picture, but lost on all counts. It was Kerr's last of six Oscar nominations, none of which led to a win. Mitchum, sadly, wasn't even nominated for one of his finest performances.

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