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Year: 1946
Studio: MGM
Director: Vincente Minnelli
Cast (in credits order):
Katharine Hepburn ... Ann Hamilton
Robert Taylor ... Alan Garroway
Robert Mitchum ... Michael Garroway
Edmund Gwenn ... Professor Hamilton
Marjorie Main ... Lucy
Jayne Meadows ... Sylvia Burton

Plot synopsis: The honeymoon doesn't last long after sheltered Ann Hamilton weds wealthy businessman Alan Garroway, who resents her questions about his mysteriously missing brother. Undercurrent

Verdict: This Gothic romance is certainly no Rebecca! Everyone seems miscast, from Hepburn as the blushing bride to Taylor as the brooding husband. Mitchum, as his estranged brother, has only a small part, but seems thoroughly embarrassed by the final dialogue he has to utter. The proceedings get increasingly melodramatic, with someone playing the piano in the middle of the night (gasp!) and other sinister doings. A must only for Mitchum completists.

Behind the Scenes: Mitchum filmed this concurrently with The Locket and Desire Me. He and leading lady Katharine Hepburn did not get along, with the Oscar-winning star famously telling him, "You know you can't act. If you hadn't been good looking, you would have never gotten a picture. I'm tired of playing with people who have nothing to offer." We respectfully disagree with Kate on this issue -- and anyway, Mitchum's infinitely better than her in this film.

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