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Without a Trace's Enrique Murciano: My Favorite Room

Published in Us Weekly, December 22, 2003

Mystery solved! The 30-year-old CBS actor can always be found in the kitchen of the Marina Del Ray, California, home he shares with girlfriend Molly Sims

By Sharon Knolle
Sexy neighbor "My parents are from Cuba, but I was born and raised in Miami. When I was 23, I sold everything I had and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. I met Molly [Sims, 27, his model-actress girlfriend, who stars in NBC's Las Vegas] four years ago at a barbecue, and I eventually convinced her that she had to live near the beach in Marina Del Rey, like I did. So when she moved into this three-bedroom, Spanish-style apartment, I lived right next door. Finally, about two years ago, she just said, 'Move in with me.' I didn't have far to go!"

Gourmet guy "I love to cook, so this kitchen is very important to me. It's stocked with Cuban spices, garlic and a seasoning called 'mojo.' I never thought I would get such pleasure out of coming home, turning on a little Billie Holiday and spending an hour just throwing together some fish with rock salt, garlic and shallots. Add a squeeze of lemon and olive oil and boom! Molly and I talk and catch up in here while I cook. The pact is, I cook, she cleans up. Molly eats healthy food, so that's what I make. Still, I love In-N-Out Burger, so about once a week, I sneak one of their Double-Double hamburgers."

Latin quarters "Since I've lived here, I've influenced the decor a lot. I've added a lot of books about Cuba, Panama hats — I have 30 or 40 of them — and, because I love music, a lot of instruments: congas, timbales, and a guitar. I also love cigars, so we have about 50 Cuban cigar boxes over there. But Molly brought the waffle maker, which is a huge deal. Every weekend we invite friends over to cook omelets, heuvos rancheros and waffles. Be here on Sunday at 10 a.m.!

Beach bash "We're looking for a house in the Hollywood Hills, but I think we'll always keep this place. We love to spend weekends here and have people over. About six months ago, we had a party where we were going to just cook some pasta, but 60 people showed up! My friends [actors] Brian Van Holt and Orlando Bloom [ who starred with Murciano in 2001's Black Hawk Down] were here plus tons of other people. They stayed until about six in the morning. If you'd seen this place, it looked like a nightclub. We had a breakdancing competition!"


"This Viking stove is great," says Murciano. "The flame on it is amazing. You don't realize how important that is to cooking until you use it!"

I love to make Italian food," Murciano says. "I use The Babbo Cookbook by Mario Batali."

"Cooking is a lot like acting," Murciano says. "It's one more opportunity for me to be creative."

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