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Special Report: Shield Finale
Mackey made Chiklis a star
Career-defining role a long way from 'Daddio'
Issue date: August 29, 2008


Special Report: Oscar Preview Retirees talk about their Oscar films
Industry vets give insight into Hollywood history. (link opens in new window)
Issue date: November 26, 2007


Special Report: Careers
Multicultural ensemble shows like "Lost" are changing the face of television and, in many cases, the faces behind the scenes as well.
Issue date: September 28, 2006

Special Report: Price is Right 35th Anniversary
Prized contestants
Gameshow pros search hard to find right rabidity
Issue date: September 18, 2006

Special Report: Billion Dollar Composer -- James Newton Howard
Tune titans team up for 'Batman Begins'
Zimmer, Howard would love to collaborate again with the right project

Repeat customers
Lawrence Kasdan and other directors count on Howard to give each of their pics a distinct sound

Composer grows from monster undertaking
Howard had 5 1/2 weeks to write three hours of music
Issue date: July 16, 2006

Special Report: Smallville 100th Episode Issue
Tom Welling
As TV's Clark Kent, Tom Welling can dodge bullets, but can he dodge the typecasting that has dogged nearly every other actor who has played the Man of Steel?
Issue date: January 25, 2006

Special Report: PGA Awards
Brokeback Mountain
Coproducer and coscripter Diana Ossana tells of her eight-year odyssey to bring "Brokeback Mountain" to the screen.

"Capote" faced obstacles at every turn, including a rival biopic with bigger names and a studio merger that left the film with no clear distributor.

Disaster struck the production of "Crash" when the film's co-writer-director-producer Paul Haggis suffered a heart attack four weeks into the shoot.

Good Night, and Good Luck
Even with George Clooney's bankability, getting a serious-minded film off the ground wasn't easy.

Mad Hot Ballroom
Freelance writer Amy Sewell turned an article on ballroom dancing in New York City grade schools into her first film.

Issue date: January 20, 2006


Multitasking marvels
An actor-producer's day includes raising coin, hiring crews and marketing their pix: George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Tommy Lee Jones and Philip Seymour Hoffman
Issue date: November 27, 2005

Fashion Passion
Stars maintain sartorial splendor with stylists and good humor
Issue date: October 30, 2005

Centennial Issue
Icons of the Century: Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Stewart, Shirley Temple, The Marx Brothers, Marcello Mastroianni, Jerry Lewis
Issue date: October 16, 2005

Special Report: Producers to Watch
Ram Bergman ("Brick"), Andrew Panay ("The Wedding Crashers")
Issue date: September 11, 2005

Special Report: Women's Impact Report
Four women who've made a difference in the industry: Exec Amy Pascal, producer Kathleen Kennedy, agent Tracey Jacobs and head of marketing Terry Press
Issue date: July 29, 2005

Special Report: Disneyland 50th Anniversary
Finding Neverland: Disneyland's fanatics take many different forms

Retail Therapy: Disneyana collectors find nirvana
Issue date: April 29, 2005

Special Report: Locations
Tax incentives: More local governments give picmakers a break

Issue date: April 10, 2005

Special Report: Eye on the Oscars, The Look
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Alfonso Cuaron brings a darker mood to the franchise

The Incredibles: Drawing the Line. Brad Bird strives to balance character and caricature in a CGI environment

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: Kevin and Kerry Conran raided childhood faves for their retro sci-fi tale
Issue date: January 10, 2005

Special Report: Golden Globes
Staring into the crystal Globe
Some wacky choices aside, numbers show Globes often predict Oscars
Issue date: January 5, 2005

Special Report: Eye on the Oscars, The Actor
Smiles upside down: Dramatic turns put comedians (Jamie Foxx, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Thomas Haden Church) on firmer Oscar footing

Profile of Jamie Foxx ("Ray")
Issue date: January 4, 2005

Special Report: Eye on the Oscars, The Actress
Wives in the balance: Contending perfs (Laura Linney, Imelda Staunton, Tea Leoni, Laura Dern) sharpen edges of standard roles
Issue date: January 3, 2005


Special Report: Eye on the Oscars, Talent Preview
Voters lean on disability crutch: Playing characters with affliction often gives actors head start on competish
Issue date: December 7, 2004

Special Report: Eye on the Oscars, Under 30
Profiles of Jason Schwartzman, Topher Grace and Zach Braff
Issue date: November 19, 2004

Special Report: Award Season Launch
Multiple choice: This year, actors like Jude Law and Jamie Foxx face timing issues
Issue date: October 27, 2004

Special Report: Award Season Launch
Styling With Substance: Stylists help Kate Winslet, Imelda Staunton, and Laura Linney get dressed
Issue date: October 27, 2004

Special Advertising Section: Summer Real Estate Open House
Resort Close-ups: Big Bear, Mammoth Lakes; Estate Living, East vs. West Coast

Issue date: June 25, 2004

Special Advertising Section: Spring Real Estate Open House
Residential close-ups on homes with a Hollywood connection

Issue date: March 19, 2004

Special Report: Costume Designers Guild Craft Kudos
For contemporary costume noms, flash, substance and wit go hand in hand

Issue date: Feb. 12, 2004


Special Report: International Star of the Year
Jude Law

Issue date: Dec. 1, 2003

Special Report: Brittania Awards
Hugh Grant grows into role of respected comedic actor
Issue date: Nov. 7, 2003

Special Report: NAACP Image Awards --
State Street Pictures

Issue date: March 7, 2003

Special Report: SAG Lifetime Achievement Award -
Clint Eastwood Malpaso Productions

Issue date: Feb. 26, 2003


Special Report: Variety International Star of the Year
Hugh Grant

Issue date: Dec. 16, 2002

Special Report: Eye on the Oscars
Art Direction and Costume Design

Aline Bonetto, production designer and
Bruno Delbonnel, cinematographer of Amelie

Issue date: Feb. 22, 2002

Special Report: American Society of Cinematographers
Awards & Honorees

Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam
Issue date: Feb. 15, 2002

Special Report: Eye on the Oscars
Directors and Cinematographers

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director of Amelie
Bruno Delbonnel, cinematographer of Amelie
Ron Howard, director of A Beautiful Mind
Frank Darabont, director of The Majestic
Issue date: Jan. 15, 2002

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